Your mix in continuing on the journey through art, culture,
philosophy, science, spirituality, life, and humor.

The Magic Phone Booth

Send a calling card through the magic phone booth…you may get a response!

Political Promises

What 3 issues would you promise to address during your political bid for office?

Compliments for me?

What are two compliments you hear from people about yourself?

Lost in Translation

Communication is hard. What do you wish was easier to communicate?

Music Firsts

What was the first live music concert or performance you saw? Share the experience.

Letters to the Teens

I am your 16-year old self, write me a letter. Tell me as little or as much as you want, I’m all ears!

Talk it Out

Get really fucking shit-faced(or really fucking fed up) and ramble about everyone and everything that is grinding your gears. Have fun with it.

Do some good!

With $100,000 at your expense, what can you do to help others?

Haiku Time

Write a haiku about time.

Let’s Write a Story

This story beings with 4 simple words: Once upon a time…


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