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  1. ladybarbara 10 months ago

    Get out and vote.

    “they” simply want your vote. “they” want the power and they are not going to get it without the votes.

    They do not know that violence will result in people who think of themselves as “normal” and rational joining the “walk away” movement and changing to republicans, or simply voting for the party that is not getting violent.

    Rule of thumb that applies universally: No one is so ignorant that beating them will make them informed. There is no one so bad at math that beating them will make them a mathematician. There is no one so stupid that beating them will make them smart. There is no one so dirty that beating them will make them neat and clean. There is no one whose cooking is so bad that beating them will make them cook better. There is no addict so addicted that beating them will make them stop their addiction. There is no one who is so unloving of you that beating them will make them love you. Beating a person will make that person get away from you. Thusly, if the democratic party thinks that violence and thuggery, insanity, breaking shop windows, beating on cars, shouting down, getting in our faces, beating us with clubs, setting police cars on fire, shouting us out of restaurants, and all the other insane attacks will make us vote differently and vote for them, they are wrong. No one wants to vote for that insanity. We will just be MORE determined to vote against that. Many have already sent in their ballot and have already voted. Beating them over the head with a bike lock, or shouting in their faces will not change a vote already mailed in. All of the acting insane acts will not make us want to vote for that.

    “they” want votes, but they are going about it the wrong way. Temper tantrums, tears, shouting, setting fires to things, breaking windows, kicking, and acting insane is not a way to get votes.

    I fight back with my ballot and my vote.


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  2. Author
    Stormy 10 months ago

    This is trumps ex-personal lawyer:

    “Listen, here’s my recommendation. Grab your family, grab your friends, grab your neighbors, and get to the poll, because if not, you are going to have another two or another six years of this craziness,” Michael Cohen said. “So, make sure you vote.”


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  3. Author
    Stormy 10 months ago

    Bush Sr. left office w/ $269 billion deficit

    Clinton turned tht into $127 billion surplus

    Bush Jr. turned tht into $1.4 trillion deficit

    Obama brought tht down to a $492 billion deficit

    Trump raised it back up to $833 billion

    Which is the “fiscally conservative” party again?


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  4. Author
    Stormy 10 months ago

    My buddy Dan Rather posted this:

    Whatever you may be feeling today about our country, hold on, stay steady, and know this: the good and decent mass majority of Americans will endure and prevail. Never doubt. It may take time but it will happen. This is our history and our destiny.




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  5. Gina 10 months ago

    A fascist is one whose lust for money or power is combined with such an intensity of intolerance toward those of other races, parties, classes, religions, cultures, regions or nations as to make him ruthless in his use of deceit or violence to attain his ends – HENRY WALLACE 1944


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  6. griz 10 months ago

    1. Resistance on the insistence of an ideology keyed to the emotions rarely produces anything more intelligent than “I don’t like this” and “You are a Nazi/sexist/racist/”. There needs to be a better option — than just the tribal warfare of classes, sexes, and ideologies the Left is pushing for. Leftists need to accept that their radical left has infected the far left and into the mainstream left — shifting everything above it into the imagined realm of authoritative Nazism. It is an inaccurate depiction of reality.

    2 and 3. Actually the aggressive and unintelligible mobs filling the streets with little more than dog-whistles and virtue-signalling are more the clarions of ignorance, fear, violence, the dissolution of rights, scaremongering, and re-writing history. They are the ones responsible for devastating our institutions of higher learning with “activist indoctrination” departments (the “humanities”) and demanding the removal of statues and artifacts that remind us of chapters of the past that brought not just the “atrocities” they trigger off of, but many of the benefits that the actively take for granted.

    4. While the Right does like labels as part of it’s tendency towards higher trait-conscientiousness(orderliness), right now it’s the Left that is playing the “divide into [victimhood] classes” that is reminiscent of Marxism. And they are the ones pursuing it with far more aggressive and violent mob-mentality.
    (And then cite the very very very few cases when radical rightists say, “If it’s a game of terror and identity politics being played, we can do it better” and then a lone person “dominates” a crowd with a truck or a gun! While overlooking the multitude of masked thugs who brought weapons and even low-grade explosives to a “peaceful protest”).

    5. Both political sides play manipulation games on the masses, and rely upon intentional misinformation. The more radical aspects of both sides count on “the intelligence of the mob”. But right now it’s the Left that desperately needs to be reigned in and get its OWN house in order. They and their mobs are the ones that have caused Conservatives to be afraid of freely expressing a contrary opinion for fear of retaliation against their reputation, their career, their loved ones. That is so obviously un-American that even an outsider can see it.

    6. In a free and open democratic society of intelligent individuals, it is NOT your job to “make” anyone back off or step down. Any more than it is theirs to do the same to you. Civil discussion is the ticket — but more and more the Left is shutting down civilized intelligent discussion and blocking speakers with contrary views from presenting differing opinions to our future leaders.
    Especially with “mob intelligence” and the hackneyed and inaccurate use of buzz-phrases designed to touch nothing deeper than the emotions.
    And the Left cannot be allowed back in power until they learn these lessons. They’ve had sway over the media, Hollywood, and the education system for FAR too long and handed them FAR too poorly (consider the rampant rot in all 3 now leading to the observation that the Left is eating its own).
    Someone (Sowell perhaps?) once accurately observed that “Politics is downstream from culture”. And those that control the media, entertainment and education control the culture. This “mishandling” is seen in how remote their depictions of reality are becoming . . . from actual reality.

    This is less about the politics that is downstream, than the culture that is mainstream. A culture that did great things based on the strength of the American Constitution. And the main threat to that now, comes from the Left. Take another term to get your house in order and get back to us.

    Oh, and do something meaningful about your “mob intelligence”. It only highlights just how radical and unintelligent the Leftist stance has become — mainly because they’ve allowed an infection from the radical-Left to infect upwards towards the moderate-Left. This is a battle that neither the Authoritative Left nor Right can win. Because both are at violent odds with each other. Whereas the Libertarian Left and Right (see the IDW) are having meaningful conversations and finding they have a lot more in common — and a lot more differences they can respect in the other — than they expected. If they unite on a stance of intelligence and mutual respect, you will be squashed.


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