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For those not familiar with Dr. Farrell he is an award-winning author and speaker as well as the only man to be elected multiple times to the board of the National Organization for Women. He is a sought-after Consultant for federal Commissions on equality and gender issues.

It is a very powerful speech, so be prepared.


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  1. five2one 2 months ago

    I know this is insensitive, Griz. But, what are some of the main topics he talks about. It is an hour long presentation.

    What are your concerns about gender equality?

    I find the “men’s movement” abhorrent. Generally, though, find relations between men and women doing well these days. Obviously, there are the vast number of exceptions I keep reading about in the news…


    • Author
      griz 2 months ago

      I’m coming across this a week and 4,000 miles after the fact! I’ve covered so much ground since I posted this. I suppose I could go back over it. But I did once already, and offered it up here. It’s only 60 minutes. (less than a Deadpool movie!). Give it a view.

      Equality needs to remain as equality of opportunity — because there are inherent inequalities between the sexes, as per evolution.
      Equality of rights? Sure — though this is a function of equality of opportunity. I do raise a concern however, when equality of rights makes absolutely no mention of equality of responsibility.

      Relations between men and women are far more imperiled than movies or the media would have us believe. We are at an evolutionary turning-point.


      • five2one 2 months ago

        @griz Well, equality, but also difference. We are gods, as men. Women are goddesses. But, u know this…


  2. ladybarbara 2 months ago

    I don’t care to see “transition” to anything not in the natural order of things. Men have talents and women have talents. I prefer to have a male who protects and provides, while I nurture and provide my own services. Sometimes it is wonderful to have him open a jar, or fix my belt and put on a buckle in the leather, or build a greenhouse. It is a blessing when I cannot change my car battery, that my man has the upper body strength and long arms needed to get the battery out and a new one in. Even when washing my windshield on my car, his height and longer arms can get the job done faster ——- faster than me standing on a step ladder to reach it. If there was an intruder in the house, I would be protected by a man who has been in combat and trained to bring another man down in a few seconds and have him hurting so badly that he is in my man’s full control. At the same time, my man has the intellect to know when NOT to kill, but hold and use the Police to arrest the “bad guy”. His talents are many. I am glad that his parents did not try to tame the beast in him, the boy who would become a man. I am glad that he did not fall for shaving his body hair, or feminizing his appearance. I am thankful that he did not have to give up his true self to please some woman who wants to “change” all men.

    The plan of women doing the nurturing and men doing the building, protecting, and opening up pickle jars is a wonderful plan. I can be soft and rounded and he can be a wonderful hairy beast.


  3. immortal_pirate 2 months ago

    Buying another blade, a Damascus sgian duh, a short bladed knife that would be carried in the sock or boot on the right side.


    • ladybarbara 2 months ago

      @immortal_pirate Meanwhile, I bought a rose, 2 sets of ear rings, a barrel cask for our pirate ship (in the dining room), a necklace, and food for us to eat. Girly stuff and nurturing things.


  4. five2one 2 months ago

    That’s dumb. Wow. Now.


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