About Soul Sequel

The creation of a small online community, seemingly out of necessity. People like to connect to one another. The jury is still out on the existence of a soul, but it’s undeniable that we all strive for that human connection that seems to inspire us all on some level.

SoulSequel was started on SoulPancake. When that platform went out – we stepped in. We hope you enjoy yourself here and get out of this site as much or more than you put into it.

SoulSequel is made up of a collection of people who have too much time on their hands.

Conversations is a safe place where members of the community can ask questions, share ideas, participate in debates, and well…have conversations. It is the heartbeat of SoulSequel.

Jake Giddens is a very talented artist who has graciously provided SoulSequel with funky fresh graphics to capture our personality. His other works and talents can be seen at JakeGiddens.com and Tumblr.

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