• This has been a major focus of mine, on this forum. To see how people handle truth. This is why I sacrificed a number of secret, private truths over the years here… be it about spies and spying, or about elite

  • Today, Jesus was betrayed, for money by a man who had been with them all, all along. Stealing from the purse he was entrusted with. The religious leaders paid Judas, so they could have him killed on the charge of

  • A response I gave to an atheist on conspiracy theories, just now:

    Well, I have also worked as a spy for a national intelligence agency. A real conspiracy. And I can tell you from that work, 99% of the

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      “….I have talked to MJ and agreed not to post for awhile, and she is going to delete my other accounts.”

      Please honor your commitment. Agree not to post for awhile.

    • The concept of “Truth” is an interesting concept.
      A God so interested in Truth wouldn’t hide Himself beyond the veil of this existence. The fact that if such a god exists and can’t (or won’t) do things that are observable, repeatable, and falsifiable. If for instance, everyone who professed belief in god were to suddenly gain immense wealth, all an atheist would have to do to prove that this god granted wealth would be to profess belief in him (whether they actually believed or not). Or maybe people who professed belief in him always lived statistically longer, to the tune of 73% more (which is one percent above placebo). Heck, since this is god we’re talking about, why wouldn’t such people (as you claim in another question) live without death. Permanently. But doing so would have people wondering why they don’t die. A god whose only promise is “someday, in a circumstance you have no way of verifying, you will be with me” is… stupid. If you think about it, in any other case you want to know what you’re purchasing. You’ll get reviews, ask other people about the product they’re buying. Why is faith different? Oh, people might claim to be changed, but they’re not. People might claim to be at peace with God, but if they are, they wouldn’t fight so much to hang onto this iteration of existence and step willingly, joyfully, happily into the next without hesitation. Which shows them… shows us, no matter our faith (or lack thereof) to not be as at peace as we claim. Also, why would a god of truth wish to have his plan for existence be wrapped up in Munchausen, Munchausen by proxy, and hero syndrome which I see so blatantly? I don’t think it would. I don’t think it could.

      • @Jear77 The resurrection has already begun… it is written that ‘those who fail to live past 100 will be considered cursed by God and mere infants’.

        Otherwise, your perceptions show a LOT of hate for God for someone who CLAIMED to be a Christian just a few years ago.

        Condemning God does not make you right.

        • @five2one Perhaps it’s because I have seen through the smoke and mirrors that without scientific proof it’s meaningless to believe, and worse yet, a waste of time – the most precious commodity in the world.

          • @Jear77 I am talking about anything, though. I am a stranger to you, and have said things on this forum, which, for whatever reason have not been believed. Things easily proveable by my linkedin profile. To the convenience store clerk, he believes me. To strangers who it does not matter to, they do. But, if it matters to someone, then they do not.

            Who gives a flying fuck if I dabbled in spying, for instance, or am an “elite” hacker? Those who do won’t accept my claims on that. Is what I am saying. Unless I show them proof, proof they don’t want to check out. Those who don’t give a flying fuck, have enough non-biased sense in their head to believe me.

            My conclusion: people don’t believe the truth simply because they would prefer it not be true.

            Even though, if they knew the truth, they would prefer it.

            So, we have to change their preferences, so they can get healed and have immortality, cures to disease, aging, death, war…

            • @five2one once again how does the scientific method operate? there is a hypothesis, which is falsifiable, testable, with double blind groups. The data is examined. If the types of truths you propose are factual, they always would fall into such categories. That they don’t means they are firmly in the category of opinion

              • @Jear77 The scientific method has a wide variety of flaws and certainly is not how we measure and perceive reality.

                Did you know I met and received a medal from President Obama?

                Well, I did not. But, could you have believed that, if I did.

                Did you know I won the local city’s contest at eating hot dogs?

                Well, I did not, but you could have believed that, had I done it.

                The problem is your bias. You would simply prefer I not to have seen an angel in real life, even the archangel. You would prefer I not know any angels or demons. So, even if true, which it is, you simply can not believe it… because you won’t believe anything against your preferences.

                You have a VERY strong preference God does not exist.

                So, it is impossible to persuade you.

                You have little to no preference about mine having met Obama, or mine being an elite good guy hacker. The former is a lie, for rhetorical purposes, the later is true. I don’t thnk you disbelieve that.

                I did operate as a spy for CIA, for years. I did a good job and helped inspire their reorganization around technology. You can probably believe that. You don’t, probably, have a preference against that.

                Not hard to see my resume is suspicious in those regards.

                What do you think I was doing in China at the height of the cyber Chinese-US war?

                That is extraordinary and hard to believe, but it does not find you disbelieving me, because you have no preference against it. And, it makes sense.

                But, when I tell you I have seen proof of life after death, of the ability for human bodies to change… and so proof of healing of all and any illness… that, you can not believe. Because you will not believe it.

                It is not because the beatitudes do not speak to you that you disbelieve.

                You disbelieve because you have had a crappy life, and know God is responsible for it.

                Opinion, however, is not what you are talking about. It is not my opinion I am a top notch good guy hacker, it is my experience and resume, backed by many powerful references — with evidence anyone can see. My point is not to brag, or even test you, but to point out, it is not opinion if it is not something you are unaware of, it is fact.

                If Roswell hid aliens, and I saw this, it would be fact, not opinion.

                You would doubt it — that would be your opinion.

                How many times do you masturbate a week? If you do so, and state that you do so, is that your opinion, just because I am unaware of it and you can not prove to me you do it?

                Or shit. Or piss.

                Your thinking is broken.

                Significant secrets individuals hold. True secrets.

                That they are secret does not make them less a reality.

                If you are in a forest and hear a tree fall… and no one else does… it is a reality. Not an opinion.

                • @five2one so you would buy a product without any reviews, without any proof of its existence? You’d go to a store and pay good money for the “Emperor’s new clothes?” That’s what the service/ product of heaven and the deity of God is to me. Why is god so different? You’re (supposedly) purchasing heaven by belief in/ obedience to him. Yeah, it’s said that Christ’s blood paid the penalty for sin, but you can’t know 100% sure what you’re getting until after you die! THAT is the ultimate scam. Why put your trust/ obey something that you can’t have any idea of what you’re getting in the end? If we could contact the dead, if we could see constant visions of heaven, if we could see god, things would be different. As it is, none of these things apply… and they were if God were really a god of truth.

            • @five2one

              All hat, no cattle.

              • @Santa Bunny I am used to people hating on me. It may be new on you to get obsessed about someone, but because I am so good… it is something I am well used to.




                I am Jim Morrison. You could never guess that, because you have no proof I am not.

                Who else would have been slouching around at that site? Who else could have gotten the forum admin to start a poetry forum?

                Who else could have gotten you kicked out…

                I have been playing you, all along.

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