• Donald Trump, first of all, is as much an Anti-Christ as Adolph Hitler. I am not, in the least, surprised to see Trump was born shortly after Hitler died.

    – Trump was born with a name that means “to trump”, “a

  • – Paul noted the Law contained “cursed is anyone hung on a tree”, so Jesus being killed on a tree brought the whole curse of the Law on him. On his dead body. At resurrection, he had destroyed the Law. So, all

  • We focus a lot of what is wrong in this country, in our world. The US saw the lack of humanity in our president this past week when he was caught with a cheat sheet in his hands telling him how to act like a

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  • Whoa! I know. Very stark. But consider this. (And pressed for time, so no spell-check!)

    In human populations, even if everyone starts at a focal point of total equilibrium, those who start up the ladder of

    • Social inequality is largely a product of Satan.

      Spiritual inequality is a reality, but not reflected today properly. Some have a large consciousness, most have a small consciousness.

      Today’s world is *not* the Kingdom of God. Elements are here, but the evil social hierarchy still is in place.

      Jesus is *not* a product of evolution.

  • This is an axiom of Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology.

    And personally I’ve found it to be quite enlightening — AND valid explanation as to why so very few reach for (let alone achieve)

    • Useful if you apply this to your self. Anti-Useful if you apply it only to others.

      It is conceited to think you actually want the enlightenment.

      If you want enlightenment, then why have you not done as both Buddha and Jesus did, and go out into the wilderness to fast for a seemingly impossible period of time?

      I have, so I am your accuser.

      This is a key place where modern Christians fail, besides their all too strong willingness to accept modern science as being modern. Modern science should be thought of from the perspective of someone in the far future — as tragically misguided, savage, brutal, idiotic. Albeit, it deserves the same respect we give to Greek theologians, philosophers pre-AD. Relative to the times.

      We are blinded by our technological marvels, so are stuck accepting the scientific method “as is”, though the myth of objectivity is embedded in it, and subjectivity is considered as The Sin, instead of The Necessary Variable X.

      Scientists need to look at the “supernatural” and the “spiritual”. While the spiritual need to look at science. The two must remain separated, however, so purity of sight is maintained. Mix science and the supernatural without objectivity of distance and a fearful respect for inevitable subjectivity, and you get impurity. A cloth made of two material, an pool of water made impure and so blinded.

      Finally, another interest pool here to study is: life and death, mortality and immortality. How many keep themselves daily aware of their own death, as mortals? And how many immortals… well, according to science, we and Santa Claus do not exist.

      How odd it is to exist when everyone else (almost) believe we do not.

      We are a walking petri dish of impossibility. The quantum leap of electrons. Somewhere between wave and particle in light.

      Maybe we are aliens, from an evolved world, of the robotic kind who finally perfected spirituality via harnessing the capacity to manipulate light? Hrm.

      After all, how useful is flesh to a computer? How useful is flesh to hyper evolved robots? Far beyond what even AI, the movie, imagined. (And they went further then any Sci-Fi or Science since, to this date, except for me.)

      After all, ultimately, us weak flesh – so senstive to pain and fear – have the magic due to our weakness who created the super vast matrix making machines who have us housed in this virtual reality… so necessary to the billion plus years evolved robots, we created, who reverse engineered us and put us on this world to observe and harnass our strange magic.

      In this perspective, we are the father of gods.

      As robots could never evolve without us.

      (All the above is silly nonsense weightier then man’s wisdom.)

      • @five2one
        There is also conceit in presuming with pronounced authority, what others have and have not done.

        • @griz “There is also conceit in presuming with pronounced authority, what others have and have not done.”

          I have no sin nor error in me.

          A bold but simply true statement.

          As for “others”, no idea who you are talking about.

          If your own self, I make no judgments regarding your self. Except when you erroneously judge me (which is fairly often). Or, when you espouse wicked principles taken from this wicked world (which is also fairly often).

          Otherwise, as far as I know, you are a simple truck driver, which fares well with me. And are educated. One who may think out your considerations on the road, from books you read at home, or listen to on the road.

          If this is in response to my statements imply you do not mortify your flesh, nor have had magic — such responses are a clear and simple challenge. You could have such experiences. Then speak up. Otherwise, default is, “no”.

          You do not lose your reward if you speak up on such matters.

          Just depends where and how.

          Default, from your statements, you maybe have fasted before. Maybe you regularly mortify your flesh, in a light way. But, you definitely defend principles of the world which are in error and of unbelief.

          Strongly doubt you have seen much of any miracle, because of this.

          When you see a miracle, it is a truth you have to think about, and makes the principles of the world be vanquished. Unless you are polluted, unpure, and have not bothered to properly treat such an experience with the respect it deserves. Which is common, as are the principles of the world. Common.

          I only want to see you spiritually progress, but I can not force someone to do this.

          They have to want it, need it even.

          If you want to change the world, find God. Find Heaven. Find the place of miracles, of magic. Otherwise, it is just talk, and just one of countless who claim to be trying to change the world, but really are in it for their own ego.

          With maybe – maybe – a tiny dose of love for others not kin and kind.

          Correct me if I am wrong. I love finding people I can respect.

          I respect your intellect, and to a lesser degree your spirituality.

          Maybe you are more spiritual then you appear.

          Anytime is a good time to prove that.

          Or, at least show, you want to be.

  • The origin stories of many belief-systems (including evolution) have us starting out as very “unconscious” creatures — as in, unburdened by self-consciousness. Very young children exist in this state.


    • Interesting theory, especially by throwing in various origin mythologies around the world. Albeit, I have always been a big fan of Joseph Campbell and Milton H Erickson. And had studied the “evolution of consciousness” as a kid.

      But, the Adamic stories, “mythologies” are the purest, be they about the tower of babel, or Noah and the flood, or Adam and Eve.

      The modern, “free” world is the product of two thousand years of anti-christ propaganda and false miracles, with some Christianity and other religions thrown in.

      It is not a true story.

      Flesh is opposed to Spirit, and Spirit opposed to flesh.

      Without routine mortification of the flesh, you will only remain lost. You will embrace spiritual and be spiritual, but have your spiritual eyes and ears closed by the closed nature of flesh eyes and ears. You have a spiritual brain and heart, but they are closed because of your flesh brain and heart.

      Adam did not have his DNA taken to make Eve. Adam literally lose huge components of who he was in the flesh to make Eve.

      They were fine until they had sex.

      The origin story is simple: you see it with kids. Kids are innocent until they start to hit puberty. This is why we have modern rating systems. Why we keep silent and conspiracy on sex from kids.

      Sex as the hard penis and the hard penis as the snake… pretty obvious.

      It could be a santa claus story for Adam and Eve’s kids.

      Otherwise, the science of understanding the unconscious is far behind our own discoveries which remain obscure, such as in Erickson’s work. Hypnosis and studies of the unconscious via fMRI are in their infancy. Such studies exist, but too often you see such scientific research entirely unaware of the basic studies of “hypnosis” and the unconscious of the 20th century. (Though the unconscious influence is super massive — and part of the reason science doesn’t think hypnosis is cool. It has too many incarnations that are pseudo-science seeming due to the very subjective nature of the field. Even if quantum physics has similar subjectivity observations, such as on the observations regarding light as a wave or mass.)

      Science is currently under the illusion that subjectivity is false and an enemy, and anything beyond the false jar of the definition of “the natural” is not real. How do you test when the very core concepts are false, as objectivity is false and subjectivity is true? You have to break the assumptions of the scientific method entirely.

      People are, therefore, too dumb.

      They underestimate the intelligence of the gods, and even their existence. Even if such a god is Rick of Rick and Morty.


      They overestimate their own intelligence.

      They are conceited, because their lives are short. They are biased towards personal acclaim over truth, because they are mortals unspinning quickly.

  • What do we do about this? Should we punish law abiding gun owners by implementing unconstitutional legislation or should we punish the FBI for not doing their job?

    • So what did the government do when it became clear a few people were abusing their constitutional right to freedom of movement to cause crashes at intersections?

      Why should they “punish” all the people who were being kind and courteous by “illegally” denying their freedom of movement with traffic lights just for the sake of greater public safety??

      BTW, the FBI probably has a hard time doing it’s job because of all the NRA noobs hamstringing their efforts. And the legal system could be doing a far better job if the NRA wasn’t bullying the CDC away from doing the necessary research to come to the evidence-backed conclusions that lawmakers have relied upon for years to help them make informed decisions.

      Better gun control has been proven to work, on a stage far more expansive than just the US. (But that’s “foreign” research and conclusions and we have no home-grown data or evidence (because the CDC has been blocked by us, tee hee)).

      Freedoms mean that you can delude yourself into paradigms of self-righteousness and trying to shift blame. But it also means everyone else can call BULLSHIT!

      Remember . . . this is just an amendment. And amendments can be . . . amended!
      But seriously, they’re not “coming for your guns”. Control doesn’t mean elimination. Other countries have controlled their guns . . . without eliminating them.

      • @griz

        Did you read the transcript?

        • @Weenis
          It is important only to the attempt to dodge the pertinent issue.

          I learned a long time ago that dodging issues rarely makes them go away.

          • @griz

            I don’t know what you’re talking about. Your entire response to my original post has nothing to do with the transcript. Your subsequent response to me lacks any thought and clarity. The only person dodging here is you.

            • @Weenis
              Your publishing the transcript has nothing to do with the core issue of gun violence in the US.

              It’s just looking to shift blame.

              Is dodging a dodge, a dodge? Or just trying to return rational discussion to the pertinent issue of the root cause of the gun violence rates seen in the US.

              • @griz

                Well, thus far the argument is, “Look at this Florida situation, it proves we have a gun problem in America!”

                And my response is, “This Florida situation wouldn’t be an issue if the FBI had done their job. Prior to and after Florida, I reject the notion that there’s a gun problem.”

                It’s not that I’m dodging anything, I don’t think there’s an issue of gun violence in the US. I’ve brought it up over and over and over again, according to FBI statistics, gun violence in America has been decreasing. But that conversation with you guys never seems to go anywhere.

                • @Weenis
                  I know.

                  It’s annoying when the hounds won’t follow the false-trail you’ve set. But you might have to get used to it.

                  I get the feeling that the rest of the people are catching onto the red herrings the NRA trains its ideologues to employ.

                  Keep in mind that your entire membership would be easily out-numbered by the “Planet Fittness” membership! If just that number of people would show up at all hearings advocating gun control and push for allowing the CDC to use public dollars to produce evidence-backed advice on how to deal with the outrageous gun-violence issue affecting all public places in America for lawmakers to proceed on

                  . . . you would have to go hide in your bunker with your good friends seething anger and twitchy paranoia! (And that’s going to end well!)

                  BTW, the conversation absolutely refuses to “go anywhere” by your estimation, as soon as the red herrings are ignored and people return to logic-driven critical analysis of the core underlying problem.

                  For starters, the CDC needs to be freed up and funding restored to examine the problem with logic and critical analysis — perhaps even looking at the effect of positive gun control in other countries. NRA fear and stalling tactics need to cease. People need to stop treating just one amendment as if it’s sacred over all the rest — including the right to public safety and security.

                  The US has over-ridden constitutional rights and amendments before for the sake of greater public safety. And it looks like it might happen again.

                  And about bloody time!

    • Problem is the cry wolf and conspiracy theorist mindset of the far right. Blaming the victims as being undercover agents is well past insane. And this is common, and accepted. Alex Jones is well past insane. And everybody knows it.

      This argument you make is sound.

      But, have you also supported the sickening, far right conspiracy theories.

      Because of hunting, guns probably won’t go away in the states.

      But, because of the modern, conspiracy theory mindset? They very well may.

      People who supported “pizzagate” and passed it on (like fmr DIA leader Flynn — who surely was corrupt DIA leader)… people who supported “sandy hook as a conspiracy”… that is the new normal. It is wrong. People who do these things, are liars, and evil devils.

      As for FBI, that is a sound argument, though you have to excise all the craziness, which is not happening to even begin to get improvements there.

      You may just support this argument because Deep State America really is against Trump (and that is Trump’s fault).

      Deep State America is patriotic, the far right are as treasonous as the very far left who support Communism.

  • In my 619 class we are studying Erickson’s stages. He theorizes that in each stage of life we are trying to solve a crisis. In late adulthood we are trying to solve ego integrity versus despair. If in our late a

    • Unresolved earlier crisis almost always does come back to limit and confound us.

      I find I have so few regrets that they are hardly worth mentioning; and put great value on integrity even as it extends beyond ego.

      I’m not sure if Erickson would praise that at such a young age, or boot me out as someone he could make little money diagnosing/treating!

      • @griz are you suggesting that all the social sciences are bunk? in any case, no one knows for sure if there is something beyond the grave. if someone tells you they know a thing for absolute certainty, I really question that, as we , as humans are constantly learning new information. I see ego as a thing humans developed as mostly. survival mechanism that has gotten out of hand.
        I think Erickson was onto something. for example, he theorized the first crisis was trust versus mistrust. how many people do we meet who don’t trust the world? what protective factors could’ve been put in place to help the person successfully navigate that crisis.
        I don’t think anyone who has ever researched and developed a theory is only out to make a buck, maybe some want to contribute their ideas to a better functioning society. isn’t that similar to what you do on your truck driving adventures? meet people, and try to advance your ideas? ideas that you believe are life fulfilling?

    • So, interesting. …

      I have different crisises. Last week, i suffered what was initially misdiagnosed as food poisoning on sunday, but saturday i couldnt stop vomiting what turned out to be blood. (Looks like coffee grounds.)

      Had to have blood pumped out of my stomach, and didnt stop shitting blood till Wednesday. Was in ICU for two days and given 3 to 4 quarts. Was bleeding ulcer so felt like a gut shot for a week.

      So now i have survived water, going wo breath, and going wo blood.

      My crisis is, I find myself immortal… but not happy.

      I am 47 and can pass for 20s. Besides the above.

      I have no sexual desires, not much food desires, nothing physical really.

      So need to figure this out.

      • @five2one thats terrible, do they know where the bleeding is coming from? this would fall under mallows hierarchy. until you feel physically safe again, you probably won’t be in a position to look at other crisis.

    • My crisis is that I am “invisible” next to the overwhelming single man I cohabit with. He doesn’t have to be doing anything but standing by, behind me, and he becomes more important.
      I am a single women. Immortal Pirate is a single man. We live in the same house, but we are separate entities.
      We have separate auto insurance policies with the same insurance company. I get in an accident and need repairs to my car. The insurance company calls Immortal Pirate and assures HIM that they will cover the repairs to HIS TRUCK. His truck was not in an accident, nor did it need repairs. It took me getting very angry for them to notice that I, as a single woman, have my own policy that I made a claim on —— and my policy has nothing to do with Immortal Pirate and his own insurance policy. Am I invisible??? I had to go to their office and look them in the face with boogled out angry eyes, when they gave Immortal Pirate the check for repairs to my car on MY OWN insurance policy. How dare they treat me like a non-person. We made them give me that check and treat me like the separate entity that I am.

      I went to Home Depot to buy a security screen door. I stood at the order desk to order it and pay for it to be delivered and installed. When they were ready to install it, they called Immortal Pirate and I see that the paperwork is in HIS NAME only. Am I invisible??? I stood at the service desk and asked the clerk if he could see me. I know that my image reflects in a mirror —- so, can he see me? The door was paid for with my own Home Depot credit card. So why was the paperwork only in Immortal Pirate’s name? Am I invisible???

      I wanted to buy both of us iphones for Christmas. I told the sales clerk that I wanted the phone bill to be in my name only. My intent was not only to buy both phones, but to always be the one to pay the phone bills. Imagine my surprise when the phone bill came in Immortal Pirate’s name !!!! Once again, I am having to impress on Verizon that I am a separate entity and it was to be a Christmas gift that would be paid for by me year after year. Am I invisible???? My name was nowhere on the billing!!! I got it straitened out with them, but I hate being discounted as a non-entity

      Just because a man is standing near me when I purchase something does not mean that it should be in HIS NAME only. I have a right to be counted as a separate person. Yeah, it is an ego thing with me.

      • @ladybarbara that is very strange. that sounds frustrating.I wonder if it is a sign of the state you live in. around here, if I go into a car dealership to have something small repaired, they always tell me something else needs work, but when I have taken a man, they don’t try to pull that.

        when you look back on your life, do you feel satisfied with how your life turned out thus fat, and you feel as tho it has been a good life?

  • The last days of the antimagic world.

    • It’s hard to say which “refused to grow up”, the best!

      • @griz ? Hitler was very powerful in the spirit of the anti-christ. He was old, from my viewpoint. Idiotic, at times, especially near the end. Otherwise, he was an extremely cunning person. Star Wars terms: the Sith Lord. Far from a child.

        You seem to be embracing a worldly viewpoint of children and childhood.

        Christians see childhood in a positive, spiritual framework.

        You have to become like a child to be saved.

  • Because there is no magic in this world. Because of not you, but someone else.

  • There is no magic in this world, but for a very few. And usually the magic they come across is such as they forget it after witnessing it. This is not the world of God, but God will use this world and expel the

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