If so, does one’s success mean everyone’s and one person’s failure because they weren’t “kept” well enough mean everyone’s failure?


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  1. Yin 5 months ago

    If this means do I answer for my brother’s actions, then no. I don’t care who you are. If you do or say something dumb, I’m not defending you. Now, I will talk to you about the issue if you like so maybe you’d understand a different perspective (assuming what was said or done could be forgiven), but I’m not defending you from the criticism unless I share the same views or whatever. My brother is his own person, as I am my own.


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  2. griz 5 months ago

    Yes; but within reason. Everyone is responsible for themselves, the choices they make, and where they end up. Consideration is the balm of society. But compassion more a social vice, leading to abominations like “equality of outcome” — regardless of choices, effort, skill, application, determination, competence, intelligence etc.
    (As I’ve said in another post, compassion is a maternal instinct, evolving for application within the family or small-tribal setting. Beyond this, it is destabilizing and infantilizing).

    Those who race too far ahead — whether liberally or conservatively — bring their own unique kind of social toxin — so we need to be like the Mesopotamian Marduk or the Egyptian Horus or the Christian Jesus exercising both awareness to this happening, and being effective enough communicators to be keepers of not just “our brother/sister” (the “living” element of society), but the whole cultural construct upon which we stand (the “dead” element of society, being built upon the efforts and sacrifices of ancestors long-dead).

    BTW, one of the catastrophic effects of the few racing too far ahead materialistically, is too steep of a “Gini Coefficient” between the rich and the poor. Poverty doesn’t cause crime. Relative poverty does. So people in a culture just taking care of #1, inevitably invites “#2” to come and relieve them of some of their riches!

    Brother’s keeper. We are individuals . . . but individuals who own everything we are to a larger social construct.

    Don’t take care of that, and the individuals will just devolve into anarchy where only the most barbaric of humanity’s assets are selected for.

    If you don’t think you can cut it in a more civilized society, you wouldn’t stand a chance in an anarchy.


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