So, yeah, two birds with one stone.

One day the aliens will come back and bring down from the sky a glorious City which will rule the world.

Of course, people think in terms they know. Assholes. Dicks. Pussies. I had to say it sorry. That is what we have and when you are in the flesh, which we are. Unless someone here is a ‘angel in disguise’, well. Our vocabulary is limited.

So, we will all adopt a new language, one from. Outer Spaaaacceeee. Noooo.


I do not like ‘joining the Holy and the wicked’. Gangbangers, well, the godfathers of their collective asses are “holy”. You treat them well, show R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and you might get honor in return. Or, at least be able to walk away with a solid blunt like you have never had before…

Language. BLART is the language of trolls in this book about a little girl and a unicorn. Ever seen a real unicorn before? Anyway, point on that is alien language from Heaven can maybe be like how SCIENCE says dogs hear language. It can seem like they get the words, but it is all what they are really saying in the intonations. They are just better at getting the gold in between the lines.

Point being with God, with the City, we do not know how that will be. In this godforsaken world. Apparently God forsaken. Or so says “Preacher”, “Supernatural”, & “Lucifer”. Quotes, tv shows. God character in all of them is missing and that is a plot mover for them.

We want to anthropomorphize God into our terms, only God does not fit our terms. And we want to anthropomorphize Heaven on earth to our terms. But, the City does not fit our terms.

It is all BLART to us.

If you can’t speak BLART, then… IDK. Maybe ask someone who can.

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  1. immortal_pirate 6 months ago

    Glondisningusblotch Misfitwadenobble…


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