What kind of rules are okay to be broken?

Was talking to one of the radiant beings at my practicum, and she told me she would like to go back to school. Read that at the local university, if you are over 65, you go for free!
I think that if my make it through getting this master’s thingy, I may return to school when I am 65! Why not?
It is not in society’s rules to go to college at 65. Society’s rules are: grow up, go to school, get married, have children, go to church on Sundays, stay married, retire, die.
In my life, I did…some of those rule following things, but quite a lot of other things, too.
I broke the rules and I enjoyed it. And, I think, in this life, I will break the rules again!


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  1. Tits McGee 1 month ago

    acquiring knowledge is always a good thing, but ask yourself why? do you want to use it, and if you do, then don’t wait!


  2. ladybarbara 1 month ago

    I am a rule follower and abide by the laws —- except, I tend to speed in my car.


    • Author
      Scarlett2 1 month ago

      @ladybarbara I feel like I abide by the law, but not the rules, meaning mostly the non-spoken rules that society has given us. I think you may have broken a few of those, too, ha ha. :tease:


  3. immortal_pirate 1 month ago

    …I plead the 5th…lol


  4. Jear77 1 month ago

    The question is not whether or not to avoid breaking rules. We all do.. The question is when and under what circumstances we do so. Knowledge is key in doing so. Killing someone who has done great wrongs may be wrong, but it may be the best for society because it prevents others from being hurt. Stealing from big corporations may be wrong, but it’s these big corporations that may cause people to be poor, get sick or die needlessly because they don’t care about individuals. These types of circumstances only scratch the surface of the problems you can get by looking at the rules, and not have all the relevant facts.


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