Lately, since sobering up and coming to terms with my mental illness (schizophrenia), I have finally been able to find peace. I realized, on doing so, I was never at peace before.

I had suspicions. I remember seeing someone who had the logo “at peace” and struggling with going, “that is one thing I am not, grr”.

But, now – especially after doing my fourth step – I am at peace and ‘can comprehend the word ‘serenity”.

Are you at peace?


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  1. ladybarbara 6 days ago

    For me, at peace means that I have a schedule and my days play out predictably. Even when an event comes up and Immortal Pirate and I have an outing planned, I know that my home schedule will fall into place when we return home. I like to be anchored to my home port. That may be boring to some people, but it is peaceful and reassuring to me.

    Many people are not at peace. They fetter away energy trying to “change” other people to their own way of thinking and living. That is a waste of energy. I simply let people be what they will be, and think what they think. I stay out of their business and I do not need to insult them to bring them down —- so that I can feel better about myself. I attend to my own business and my own bubble world and let the rest of the world be what it is. I am at peace with life.


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  2. Fletch 5 days ago

    (going to try to re-create my answer – site wiped it out before I could save – this reply is more direct)

    Peace isn’t something you just get to or all of a sudden attain after a few weeks of being sober. We have to earn it by cultivating and tending to it. As in sobriety, there is no ‘cure’, so we (alcoholics) are always in recovery.

    I am still working on my sobriety (25+ years) and am trying to live an enlightened life.


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