This is a video about “Undertale” I think that brings up some interesting points


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  1. ladybarbara 2 months ago

    There was a time that I would sit and play games. When Hobbit was coming out at Hewlett Packard, I was invited to play on the computers in the sales office. The mazes confused me. There was Twisty Little Maze, Maze Little Twisty, Little Twisty Maze, Maze Twisty Little —– and I got frustrated trying to remember the rules for each maze. In the end, I said, “F-this”. When the game came out with my own first computer, I got it.

    Playing the game took up time I needed to use for my household chores and soon caused marital arguments. I stopped.

    Later on in life, I played simple games —- like solitaire. I could play after my chores were done. I found the game calmed me down. When taking care of a dying husband, I could play in the long periods of time that he slept. It passed the time and calmed my nerves. At any time I could stop playing and do the things I needed to do, then resume my game where I left off. That was most important to me.

    Eventually, Soul Pancake came along and it was more interesting than any game. I met new people. I fell in love. I developed a life where I did not need a game to calm me down.

    This game in your video makes no sense to me and the unhappy ending would be a downer. I’m not into killing.


  2. five2one 2 months ago

    Of course, in fact, I studied my children in video games, so they could learn how to work.

    It is called game theory’,.


  3. luftballooneyegouge 2 months ago

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