This came directly from my armchair philosophy book:
“And the Lord spake unto the philosopher,‘I am the Lord thy God, and I am all-powerful. There is nothing that you can say that can’t be done. It’s easy!’ And the philosopher spake unto the Lord, ‘OK, your mightiness. Turn everything that is blue red and everything that is red blue.’ The Lord spake, ‘Let there be colour inversion!’ And there was colour inversion, much to the confusion of the flag-bearers of Poland and San Marino. And the philosopher then spake unto the Lord,‘You want to impress me: make a square circle.’ The Lord spake,‘Let there be a square circle.’ And there was. But the philosopher protesteth,‘That’s not a square circle. It’s a square.’ The Lord grew angry. ‘If I say it’s a circle, it’s a circle. Watch your impertinence or else I shall smite thee very roughly indeed.’ But the philosopher insisteth,‘I didn’t ask you to change the meaning of the word “circle” so it just means “square”. I wanted a genuinely square circle. Admit it—that’s one thing you can’t do.’ The Lord thought a short while, and then decided to answer by unleashing his mighty vengeance on the philosopher’s smart little arse.”


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  1. Lucifer Rising 1 month ago

    Joshua, when facing Moses resurrected as a angel, bowed down before him… asked him whose side he was on.

    What did he respond.


  2. luftballooneyegouge 1 month ago

    The problem is really a justification of one’s own actions to the detriment of others.

    Whether God exists or not isn’t really important to most of the earthly tasks we Have to do.
    It’s whether or not we’re using it or anything else as an excuse to do things like take moral shortcuts.

    If you don’t believe I exist, it’s not really that big of an issue, & we’re somewhat equals in a general sense, so why God would be concerned with what people, lower in a general sense, believe is just people trying to coerce others, although often for the better.

    It’s like a carpenter being upset that his dog won’t acknowledge that the carpenter built the house they both live in.


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