Here are three titles to stories that have not been written, with a brief synopsis for each. The challenge is for you to use the same titles and give your own synopsis to those story titles, as to how you might write the stories.
1) The Wedding Guest: A mysterious wedding guest who knew both the bride and groom before they knew each other. Will his knowledge of them tear them apart or will their love for each other be strong enough to keep them together?

2) The Reader: The story of a young woman with the ability to read people, their lives, and their futures. One day she meets and reads an ominous stranger whose dark secret could spell doom for mankind, her only problem: as a deaf-mute how can she warn the authorities of the impending disaster to come?

3) The Crimson City: In the not-too-distant future, society has devolved into feudalism with the social elites living in opulence while the remainder of society exists in abject poverty and servitude to the elites. A young worker discovers previously lost to history documents that could bring down the elites and their strangle hold on the people of Crimson City.

Okay, there you have it, three story titles with my synopsis for each. Now it’s your turn…use the same three titles and create your own ideas for stories. Have fun with it.


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  1. Santa Bunny 4 months ago

    The Wedding Guest –

    the guest turns out to be the bride and groom’s biological father, yes they are brother and sister. although they have waited until marriage to consummate, they are having issues discussing intimacy and figured getting married would solve their problems.

    etc etc etc


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    • Author
      immortal_pirate 4 months ago

      @Santa Bunny That is probably the most likely scenario, but you were supposed to create a different synopsis/ different story altogether using the same title…please try again.


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