This is a real response I received:

For ME… I can’t just watch DEADPOOL.. as a believer in Christ ..holy JESUS.. I tried.. the evil the words then murder and on and on. Everything that is NOT Christ is in that.

Why do you use a picture like this? And I have been here for wow many years.. and NO I don’t go around ever doing this. But.. your picture is not for God the Father of our lord Jesus Christ it stands for EVERTHING He is not… shall I post the words used in the movie in the comics that are about sex and what not? I CANT

As much as we are FREE to do anything we cant. The enemy comes in telling us .. it does not matter.. it means nothing. All the enemy did with Adam and Eve was what? Your not going to die…you will just be like God and know good and evil…..that tiny little lie.. gave them a thought.. where did Adam and Eve agree to hand over ALL to Satan? Satan told Christ.. this was handed to me.. it was given to me and I can give it to anyone I want..

I am just showing you the truth. Not judging or condemning you. You can keep it.. I will never say anything. People have Harry Potter stuff. Which has things in it that GOD commands us to NEVER DO..that are SINS on and on.

Forgive me if I have offended you.. again your pic does not offend me…he has a picture or movie no where he looks now like a ANGEL? Holy Jesus..

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    five2one 9 months ago

    I should not say fake Christian, he may be genuine. Anyway, my response to him, thusly:

    You are probably not much a “Blade” fan, either, are you?

    Too bad. Because Jesus is both Blade and Deadpool.

    It is actually not these modern myths which have so disfigured Jesus. It is corrupt religion which has done this. These modern myths are actually much closer to the truth, then the sort of disgusting nonsense you find in the corrupt religion.

    Which is how Jesus taught — in metaphor. They try and make explicit teachings, and they end up doing it all wrong. They do not even teach the real man. They have distorted him beyond all recognition, so he does not even appear human.

    You have to look beyond the metaphors used in movies like Blade, Deadpool, the Avengers (and I could go on and on here with this, into any sort of fictional media), and look at the heart of the hero being depicted.

    Look beyond the surface.

    You might argue, “Deadpool is teaching people to have corrupt sex, to kill people, to use vulgar language, to not pay for taxi cabs”, and not sure what all else there. Okay, but is that really what people go to such a movie and learn? Kind of like saying Blade teaches people to kill vampires. That this is the message of Blade, the movie series.

    Vampires do not exist. Immortals exist. Vampires, do not.

    These are actually very sophisticated metaphors. This is how people understand things, indirectly. They naturally take in very sophisticated metaphors and process them. The external details are simply garbage which their mind throws away.


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