Found this on the inter webs and thought it was quite interesting! Many people seem to have the propensity for wishing things were normal or fit inside the box of how they think things should go or how people should be. What is your own concept of normal and do you believe that deviating from what’s normal can be a good thing?

“Back in 1926, when the army was designing its first-ever cockpit, engineers had measured the physical dimensions of hundreds of male pilots (the possibility of female pilots was never a serious consideration), and used this data to standardize the dimensions of the cockpit. For the next three decades, the size and shape of the seat, the distance to the pedals and stick, the height of the windshield, even the shape of the flight helmets were all built to conform to the average dimensions of a 1926 pilot.

There were some significant problems with pilots losing control of their aircraft, however. So they commissioned a study to see what the new “average” of their pilots are and what they should design for. What they found, however, is that not a single one of the pilots measured fit within a very generous definition of “average.”


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  1. Jear77 5 months ago

    I had typed out a longer response before but it got lost by the page reloading.
    There’s something to be said about being normal. Perfection is overrated, because not only can it not be achieved, everyone’s version of perfection is different. We don’t need the stress to try to be perfect.


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  2. five2one 5 months ago

    Everyday I see a freak of nature: as I am 48, but appear as my early 30s.

    I am not aging, and I know it…

    For those close to me, it is harder to believe then those far away. But, they need to believe more then these.

    So, I search and find those who are my age, and find their pictures, and say, ‘this is my age, do I look like them’, and they know, “no”.

    I hold to modern mythologies, to speak to people. So, I embrace “Deadpool”. The guy everyone does not bet on. Yet, is immortal, of all the superheroes…

    Hahahaha… :-)

    You know me, too, but do not bet on me.

    But, I do not care, because I am Deadpool — my face is distorted above all others… my will is so unknown.

    Yet, I am immortal.

    So, what … the fuck… do I care….


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  3. griz 5 months ago

    Without some kind of “norms” there is no habitable order. Only chaos. And we cannot live in chaos for very long without burning out.

    Now the norms are probably broader than some might think. Statisticians measure them in SD, standard deviations. I’m going from memory here, but from the mean/median variable measured, 68% of points (people) measure out on both sides (34% “above average, and 34% below average. 2 SD’s picks up another 27% of the points (people). 13.5% way above average, 13.5% way below average. And then just 2.5% of points (people) coming in extremely above average and the same number extremely below average. (Whether in height, weight, length of arms, IQ, mental stability, quick reflexes, etc)

    A possible problem with the armed forces is that most of the skills that make someone a good fighter pilot are mental/psychological, not physical. So expecting a physical norm to correspond to a set of mental/psychological norms . . . was not very inspired. (But hey, they needed a solution I suppose!).

    There are averages and norms. If there were not, there would be no society, no civilization — perhaps no species?

    The drive “for normal” (a normative structure) relates to the very real need for our brains to not be on high-alert all the time, trying to figure out what chaotic variant we might be facing in this moment.
    The drive to “not be normal” (abnormal??!) is our individualism wanting to “jump out of the herd” (Pop Goes The World!).

    I don’t know if we have to “apsire” . . . to be what we are!

    But getting into some dangerous psychological/political territory here, people who are trait-liberal tend towards greater fascination with/desire to be “novel” — to NOT fit within boxes, boundaries and borders. They are valuable when facing “genuine” (I’ll say it again, “genuine”) variability in the environment (global, physical, social psychological).
    When this spins toxic it starts inventing and fabricating variables out of specious construct so their gifts have arena for exercise.

    People who are trait-conservative take comfort in the norms because in them there is stability. The pragmatism of the “tried and true”. When this spins toxic, things become dogmatic, rigid and ossified. And out of this can come stagnation and corruption.

    That is why both sides are needed to balance each other.


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