He isn’t going to Mar a lago to play golf. The news reports are fake! He is huddled in his bunker most of the time.

He’s a proven liar and racist! A crazy sociopath! Adolf Hitler reincarnated for Judgment Day! We angels are going to eat his flesh up. Yum Yum.

Everything Trump says is full of shit. He’s a devil!

God is doing all of this for fun! And education! For you kiddos that aren’t milleniums old!

It is hilarious.

Why does no one ask why two obvious sociopaths (of the not cool kind), one in N Korea and one in DC both have crazy stupid haircuts?!

He might as well grow that outrageous mustache he had when he was hitler.

Ever known ANY American or European with the name Christ? Or Trump? Like he got a trump card? Yeah, Adolf Trump – the Donald Duck Trump – grandmother?

A devil! Not even human!


Fake Name!

Fred Christ Trump — wtf. They thought the Trump could take over.

Haha. The guy ain’t living forever. Obvious. Why bother.

Kellyanne Conway is a devil with dead fish eyes, her soul is so putrid.

She’s also her husband. Only he is with WAY worst cover. His false background is ludicrous. There’s nothing there!

I would know.

I am the Archangel Michael!

Hahahahaha… True story.

Funny as fuck.

Trump’s the anti-christ. The fall guy.

I can do as I please.


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  1. Tits McGee 5 months ago



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    • Author
      five2one 5 months ago

      @Tits McGee hahaha… :-)

      IDK WTF that means, but it sure sounds exactly right.



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