Donald Trump, first of all, is as much an Anti-Christ as Adolph Hitler. I am not, in the least, surprised to see Trump was born shortly after Hitler died.

– Trump was born with a name that means “to trump”, “a card of a suit any of whose cards will win over a card that is not of this suit — called also trump card”.
– Trump has lived a life of a silver spoon, lording it over his subordinates.
– Trump was popular and hated in the 80s for his vicious behavior to his subordinates
– Trump was popular with his tv show for his catch phrase, “your fired”. The epitome of lording it over others and demeaning others to gain power for one’s own self.
– Trump believes he did not need to have more than remedial reading skills to be President of the US, showing insane levels of conceit
– Trump likes to use the snake metaphor with immigrants, “you brought in and befriended a snake, why are you surprised you are bitten”. Knowing this appeals to the lowest common denominator of Americans, while, at the same time, coming from The Snake, Satan. God, otoh, taught people to be kind to immigrants.
– Trump lies about everything and expects people to believe his lies, which his children usually do.
– Trump said that to make a buck defrauding the tax system is “smart”, so has refused to turn over his tax returns. He loves to say he is measured by his “billions”, but there is no proof of such wealth. He shows reverence only the most to billionaires.
– Trump avoids saying anything pro-Christ or showing any significant Christian behavior. He is our first non-Christian President. And, our last.
– Trumps facial expressions are usually negative and so very ugly. Exactly like Hitler. They have the same mannerisms, same style of speaking, same behaviors in public and private.
– In private, Trump exudes praise often, to win people over, as Hitler did. And he has many temper tantrums everyday, as Hitler did.
– Even in public, Trump often shows remedial understanding of issues.
– Trump wouldn’t leave behind his family even for the presidency
– Trump celebrated Flynn for his pizzagate conspiracy pilfering, and pilfers obviously wrong and terrible lies about Clinton and Obama, even well after their meaningfulness
-Trump has ties to Russia dating to his first wife in the 80s whose background is known to be faked — she was no professional olympic skiier, the boss of which from Czech Republic denied knowing her
– Trump won the Presidency only by the help of Russia, his old friend, a dire enemy of the US
– Trump says whatever his base wants and changes when they show they have changed opinions

Nothing about Jesus is like Trump. At. All.

Comparing the two beyond list out how Trump is a nasty insect would demean Jesus.

So, I will not deign to do so. It would dishonor Jesus.

What I have done is shown Trump is a mere insect.


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