A country artist named, Sturgill Simpson covered Nirvana’s, In Bloom.

I never thought I would hear Nirvana, country style. I am hearing this song in a totally different, but beautiful way.

Sturgill was just in the news for another reason, which I will let you discover yourself. I don’t want to take away from this song, but dang man…he got a new fan in me.

Here is the original:

What do you think of this cover?


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  1. immortal_pirate 11 months ago

    Amazing rendition of a classic rock tune. This is beautiful, enjoy.


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  2. immortal_pirate 11 months ago

    They tear it up with a Wilie Nelson classic.


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  3. spitfire3dc 11 months ago

    LOL! Great cover. When it first started, I was like whaat? Great video to include in this thread. It’s always about the music, not the costumes.

    I dunno if anyone will ever do a cover though of this song that will ever come close to the original because the grunge energy is, to me, what really pounds that song

    Liked the country version. I used to live out west and had a job where there was a lot of driving and used to listen to country because that is mostly what was available between the cities and loved the way they told stories that I could understand.


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    • Author
      Gina 11 months ago

      @Spitfire3dC I heard the line:

      He don’t know what it means, no, to love someone…and I thought, dang; I never heard that line…well it’s because Sturgill added it. It fits though.

      I shouldn’t be that surprised to hear a Nirvana song stripped down, since Nirvana did it on their Unplugged session.

      Check out more of Sturgill’s music. He is good man. I love this song and video:



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