I currently have a case of strep throat, have to miss some work because of it.


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  1. ladybarbara 3 months ago

    When it comes to being sick, it is best to not go to work and infect others with your cold, flu, or strep throat. If you are out sick, your employer only loses you for a few days. If you go to work sick and spread your illness to others, then this multiplies the people who have to be home with whatever you have spread to co-workers and customers. Your employer loses more when
    more people are out sick.

    When I am sick, I stay home and take care of myself.


  2. immortal_pirate 3 months ago

    Massive dose of vitamin C, chicken soup, drink plenty of water, bed rest.


  3. ladybarbara 3 months ago

    When I worked as a Maid and showed up to clean houses while harboring a bad cold, although I worked alone, I was touching surfaces and spreading germs. Even with gloves on, every sneeze sprays germs. The clients were at work and the kids at school but they came home to my cold germs. Then — the next time I came to clean their house, someone was home sick with my cold. Trash cans full of infected tissues and dirty toilets, cold infected sheets and pillow cases would give me another cold. Each person who catches a cold will change the germs and the cold changes. My cold will be spread at the workplaces and schools of each of my 22 clients —— and me working with a cold becomes a Typhoid Mary. My clients would spread the cold around. Many people would get that cold, all because I did not stay home and take care of myself. I had the option of sending another housekeeper to service my clients and it would have saved a lot of people from getting sick with my cold.


  4. five2one 3 months ago

    Cough syrup, pseudoephedrine, two of my favorite mind blowing drugs. Totally legal, too. Everywhere. Even in this retarded, knuckle dragging world.

    On both, right now. :-)

    Hiiiigggh. Really good for blasting out of my subjectivity, to do some philosophizing.

    Usually, I don’t get sick, or anything like that, but when I do, it is psychosomatic. Same with you.


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