Edie “What I Am” Brickell, below.

I Am What I Am. The Name of God. “What I Am Is What I Am” (lyrics).

A nerd to punk rockers. A conservative to hippies. Vice versa. How do you say, “I Am What I Am”. With boldness, being not just “you”. But, Someone else.

I say I Am What I Am, to the world, like Jesus the prophets and apostles did.

Non-conformity — without judgment. Letting people be, even if what they are… is a sad follower ‘trading their hours for a handful of dimes’.

Sleep, shit, fuck — wake up.

Preaching to the choir on this one. Just saying. Asking.

I do it by posts like these, and living this “fuck you, I am free from your judgments and narrow minded blindness”


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  1. luftballooneyegouge 3 months ago

    Edie Brickell?!?!?
    probably don’t even liiiike the Dooooors either.



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