this was from my armchair philosophy book- a man had been a vegetarian for 40 years, but alas science genetically engineered a pig who was able to say that he wanted to be eaten? Given that it was the pigs desire to be eaten, does that clear the vegetarians conscience? isn’t it a similar dilemma if a terminally ill person dies by euthanasia? At one point and what is the criteria for us to have a clear conscience in a moral dilemma? or is it more black and white, such as – killing is wrong, period, end of discussion.


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  1. Tits McGee 4 weeks ago

    YOU LOST ME AT: pig who was able to say that he wanted to be eaten


  2. luftballooneyegouge 4 weeks ago

    If the vegetarian is a vegetarian out of concern for animals they would be against the genetic modification of the species & everything that went with it, that would end as something one could point at as a justification for the modification.

    Vegi-tars I’ve known wouldn’t be able to eat the pork without getting sick.


  3. Jear77 4 weeks ago

    Ever watch Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood? There’s a scene where it’s described where an insane character uses alchemy to combine his wife and something else (I forget what) to create a chimera and the only thing it says repeatedly is “Kill me”


    • Author
      Scarlett2 4 weeks ago

      @Jear77 Cant say I have, but it sounds intriguing. Makes one wonder what would happen in case where human was genetically engineered to say they want to be eaten.


  4. Tits McGee 4 weeks ago

    a vegetarian eats a pig – NO LONGER A VEGETARIAN


    • Jear77 4 weeks ago

      @Tits McGee there’s this thing called a “flexitarian” whereby the person in question is able to eat *anything* but tries to eat healthier than the SAD way most people eat (at least in America)


      • Tits McGee 4 weeks ago


        there’s also this thing called “healthy eating” – and we can ALL do it. some CHOOSE to eat crap. then their health is crap, their bodies are crap, and who pays for that? Yup, us who eat healthy and take care of our bodies and minds (higher insurance rates).

        so there’s this too –


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