The rise of the superhuman…

Nietzsche spoke of the concept, though imperfectly. Michael, the Archangel is the first to mention this day, to Daniel, millenia ago. Jesus and the early Christians preached it.

Today, it floods out fictional airwaves. As it did in old Greece and Rome, with their dramas of the gods…

But, today, we have our gods without pretentious to truth so ugly as their inept and morally crippled superheroes. Not heroic, at all.

Today, we know well what a superhero can do, and celebrate truly those who do have the heroic…though we do not fail to mention the supervillain. And sometimes these prodigal sons and daughters turn. Are saved.

We know the definition of moral good and evil, and so the heroic, virtue its’ self. We know and show we know, and are taught real good… and real evil.

Such aspirations are foolish. To become a superhuman.But, the cross its’ self is pointed out by the apostle Paul, is foolish. Indeed, love’s foolishness is greater then the wisdom of the world.

Anyway, for me it is immortality first, then a certain capacity to know the secrets of people. To ascertain the happenings in other worlds.

A man – maybe an angel – pointed out a scenario where a few immortals ruled the world secretly. Well how about 144,000 of them. Why not. Good idea.


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  1. luftballooneyegouge 2 weeks ago

    The greatest rulers rule themselves.


    • Author
      five2one 2 weeks ago

      @luftballooneyegouge Not sure on the relevancy of the answer. Was looking for something on if you had superpowers… what would they be, at the least.

      Rulers should not be admired in this age. Nothing to them, and the greatest are not know for good character in very many ways. They were just born strong. Sometimes ruthless and clever. Some good rulers, but they are far and few between.

      Solomon was a good ruler, but that is meaningless. He is known for his wisdom and writing, without that, he would have just been a footnote.

      Settling on mortality which is powerless is sad.

      Settling on being a ruler is worthless, too. They die. They age. They get usurped.


      • luftballooneyegouge 2 weeks ago

        My comment was about self-control in response to your incoherent rambling at the end:

        “A man – maybe an angel – pointed out a scenario where a few immortals ruled the world secretly. Well how about 144,000 of them. Why not. Good idea.”

        …..passive aggression?
        ….waste of time.


      • Lucifer Rising 2 weeks ago

        @luftballooneyegouge basically you have hostility towards an innocent man.

        FYI, if i were going to hack this site, i would not give ppl my real name and post with my real face.

        I have not hacked anybody since the 90s, and only hacked pedophiles and neonazis.


      • luftballooneyegouge 2 weeks ago

        @Lucifer Rising
        Innocent men don’t create worm viruses.

        You supposedly brought your “friend” here & you show no animosity towards him for hacking the site,……
        so shut
        the fuck

        piece of shit

        Either way

        You’re a piece of shit.


      • Lucifer Rising 2 weeks ago

        @luftballooneyegouge i think it was a site bug. He is in his early 20s, and has no experience with hacking. I would be .. angry, if he did. Because that would mean he gave me false info about himself.

        And, because i love this site, and the ppl on it.

        He like works at a restaurant and in a band.

        What you showed me was likely my writing when drunk but through my five2one or lucifer nicks.

        I also love mamajoy, recall her very well from soulpancake, think she is a wonderful person and never would cause this site to have any harm.


      • luftballooneyegouge 2 weeks ago

        @Lucifer Rising
        uh huh

        that looks like a glitch


      • mamajoy 2 weeks ago

        @luftballooneyegouge Does your account still look messed up?


      • Author
        five2one 2 weeks ago

        @luftballooneyegouge Godmessage was a trojan, not a worm. Big difference. Innocent men make guns, I made a cyber gun. You seem to think Iam theauthor of a virus let loose on people. Bzzt. Wrong. CIA praised me for it. So have other peers. TheIt was released to a security site to be made available for downloading. A paper accompanied the traojan, arguing US government should get tougher on foreign adversaries.

        Admittedly, however, I did target attack people way back then: pedophiles and neo-nazis, only. How could I be sure? Because I only hit group sites where only neo-nazis and pedophiles were hanging out. That is how.

        Further, I gave all comprimsed systems to the FBI.

        So, I was a bit of a vigMy vigilantism was not physically harmful toanyone, but we found real pedophiles in a way the FBI and other agencies would have had to wait years to get to.

        So, no, I am in no way ashamed of that application, nor the hacking I did do. As I did it for a very good cause.

        ilante twenty pus years ago. I have not been a viglante since. AND NEVER TARGETED INNOCENT PEOPLE.


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