I state this with some obvious caveats. As how do you get immortality? Well, you don’t know. Or, you do know, but do not know the specifics of it.

But, point being: politics, economics, all these other topics… without immortality, they are worthless.

Who cares what people do to planet earth if you are going to die soon?

If you just vanish into the ether, then why pretend to care?

And, if you just hope upon a dream that you might die and Jesus might save you, okay… but, what about here and now. How do you really know you have immortality? Just because you trust God is good?

Or something else?

Regardless, if you do believe the later, consider: nobody is actually doing anything about that. Nobody is bothering to try and find immortality. Nobody is figuring immortality into their equations as for “what means something”.

Whatever you do, be it the arts, the sciences, business, family, friends… if everyone is going to just vanish and be gone, what is the value of it? It existed, it was maybe even beautiful. But, then, it is gone.

A good for instance here, Donald Trump. Everyone who follows him does so as if he is God, but he is aging. He looks bad, physically. He isn’t going to be around much longer. What value does he have, so much, that one should follow him over Jesus?

Or, the Pope. He definitely is not doing so well. I hope he lingers long enough so he can see criminal charges for all of the sexual crimes he has been covering up.

What about Osama Bin Laden? Well, he’s dead. I don’t think that he has much of a clue.

Jesus alone rose from the dead. And, if he did not, then what are you living your life for? Why not just become a heroin junkie and be done with it? There is no purpose if you are going to die and be forgotten. You can think you are good, but are you really?

See, ‘love is stronger then death’, and if you are not looking the long road, then you have not known love. You have never gone, and faced death, and realized, that it can not be the end. Because of love.

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  1. griz 9 months ago

    Even without the belief in the Divine Transcendent it would seem obvious that any hope at anything resembling immortality would be through our children.

    Whether one is conscious of it or not, we are the benefactors of outrageous genetic fortune.

    Two piss that away in fits of arrogant ideologies and selfish nihilism it would seem to be something quite evil.


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