Nothing more need to be said. Does anyone disagree? The purpose of life is life its’ self. The meaning of life is love, which is life its’ self. Where we find ourselves is where there is life in pain and all forms of jeopardy. But, start first with your own life, and make it truly known to your own self.


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  1. Jear77 2 weeks ago

    Not necessarily.
    Not entirely.
    What if the purpose of life is simply to live?


    • Author
      five2one 2 weeks ago

      @Jear77 Third rhetorical question there — it is.

      Other two statements: just details of love.

      Unless one has none.


      • Jear77 2 weeks ago

        @five2one looking at the Bible’s description of love… patient. But a type of patience that ends at the moment of death? Isn’t that fucked up? Kind – no matter how you slice it, this world is a cruel and painful place. There is no kindness in existence. Envy and jealousy are two sides of the same coin. Yet God is said to be extremely jealous. Being God, isn’t every act, every statement, in essence, a boast, filled with pride…yet the God of the Bible wants to deny us from reveling in these attributes. “Love is not self-seeking,” yet God creates not ONE species to love him but TWO: angels and humans. How is this not a “pot calling the kettle black” type of a thing? It is not easily angered… yet for a single sin one can be cast out to hell. It does not delight in evil, yet creates Lucifer (knowing full well what would eventually happen)… who was the angel in charge of worship. And pointing these truths out to God, as you said in another conversation amuses him (which BTW should be impossible, being that an omniscient being CAN’T think anything funny because it knows EVERYTHING!) Love always protects and perseveres, yet sends those he loves to hell if said love is not reciprocated. Love always trusts, yet is so secretive we can’t know everything. Love always hopes, which is kinda an oxymoron because an omniscient being can’t hope, it knows. If God is love, and this is his definition of what love is, that’s pretty fucked up.


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