I would like to think so.

But, what qualifications must they have? Like the same love songs? Be able to know you and you know them … all the way down… to the deepest heart of being?

Share the same love in movies.

Have the same demands of responsibility to saving the world…

Have the same, their own, insanity, genius.

Who knows. Not even Heaven may know these things.


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  1. mamajoy 1 week ago

    I’d have to agree that there is someone for everyone but I think finding that connection relies on one’s ability to accept another person in their lives wholly.


  2. five2one 1 week ago

    @mamajoy why would someone not accept someone else in their lives wholly? What does that mean? Marriage, i have found, does not make such a deep relationship… if that is what you mean.


    • mamajoy 1 week ago

      @five2one I mean in the sense of wholly accepting another in your life without boundaries. People sometimes put up walls or limits when it comes to relationships either because they’re not ready to share all parts of themselves with another they are afraid of being hurt, opening up to another person wholly puts you at a vulnerable position, it requires that you trust someone completely. That’s not always easy to achieve.


      • five2one 1 week ago

        @mamajoy i trust 2 ppl… neither are ppl i sleep with. Confidantes long distance, for years.

        Confidantes through dark times, where their emotional support mattered and i had to share everything.

        My ex never knew anything or wanted to know.

        So. Idk.


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