We focus a lot of what is wrong in this country, in our world. The US saw the lack of humanity in our president this past week when he was caught with a cheat sheet in his hands telling him how to act like a decent human being when listening to victims of a mass shooting. Do you have to be told to say, “I hear you.” at a listening session. Really?

I want to remind us that our president does not represent who we are. We are a caring, compassionate people on the whole.

Let me introduce you to Anna Deavere Smith. She is an american actress, playwright, and professor. She is currently the artist-in-residence at the Center for American Progress, and she may be the most empathetic person in America.

Her one-woman play starts tomorrow night on HBO. Notes From the Field dramatizes accounts of students, parents, teachers and administrators caught in America’s school-to-prison pipeline, which pushes underprivileged, minority youth out of the classroom and into incarceration.



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  1. Weenis 10 months ago

    I hear you Gina, I hear you.


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  2. five2one 10 months ago

    She’s black fighting for black causes.. sorry, you lost me here.

    I fight for black causes and am white,,,,


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