This is a simple exercise that you can participate in as much or as little as you would like.

Respond with an entry that will develop our story into an intriguing adventure. With each new post our story will continue to gain depth.

This is the first line of our story: “Once upon a time…”

You Entry(example): “there was young man who lost his job. Everything on his life was put on hold. What could he do next?”

And so forth. Don’t use the example. To avoid confusion with our story, please do not reply to any posts. But the story still will begin with:

Once upon a time…


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  1. Jear77 2 years ago

    In a land far far away, there was a man with catlike eyes. Because of this physical deformity people mistrusted him, but he had an animal magnetism, a charisma towards animals that could not be denied.


  2. immortal_pirate 2 years ago

    …and they lived happily ever after.


  3. Gina 2 years ago

    He had the ability to ignore humans who tried to end his story prematurely. One day while hanging out in the forest with his band of animal friends, he met a blind woman who could talk to animals.


  4. Lucifer Rising 2 years ago

    Site lost dns connection… so, lost my story.

    In short, once a upon a time ago, there was only one person in a world of their own imagination… concepts like “someone else” was something they had to invent. We are not so different in that we dream and have fantasies. We write stories. We code worlds of software, and made computers and software to do so. So, once apon a time, very very far in the future, and very very long ago…

    There was a world infinite.

    How to create a video game.

    No one creates one without challenge, without form. Form is finite from the infinite. Limitations makes it a game. Why a game.

    A sandbox makes a game. Why a sandbox. A sandbox is necessary for other people to interact with.

    Other people.

    When that idea was new.


  5. Spitfire3dC 2 years ago

    In an effort to get this back on track:

    The meeting of the man, who could somehow accept communications with animals without words and the woman who could literally speak to them, created an interesting trinity, where in combination they could garner a greater understanding of the way everything connected All to each other.


    • Gina 2 years ago

      (That is beautiful @spitfire3dc, I will continue…)

      The man with the cat eyes, and the woman with no eyes stayed in the wild with their animal friends. One day they discovered a young woman who appeared to be living with a tribe of chimpanzees. The couple thought they were the only people on the planet who had this connection with the animal kingdom. They studied this young woman, and they marveled at her ease with the wild chimps.


  6. mamajoy 2 years ago

    As the pair went on with their lives word soon got out that these “gifts” that the two claimed to possess were actually true. People far and wide begged to have their communications translated for their pets and vice versa. People finally had a way to truly communicate with their beloved companions. These gifts gave animals true thought and emotion. Suddenly, vegetarianism was moving through the world like wildfire. They become sought after to express the thoughts of animals kept in captivity, endangered species, livestock, and even those whom we believe to exist millions of years over. Though the work was rewarding the emotional toll was taxing. The man with the catlike eyes and the blind woman began to wonder if their unique abilities were a gift or a curse.


    • Gina 2 years ago

      …fast forward to 2016. A woman looking for a story to take her away from the disasters that surround her finds this story; and she rediscovers her own humanity. She had only been communicating with humans, and on a very dark level. The story of the couple who could communicate with animals brought her back to life. The woman sets down her computer and goes outside to hang out in the garden with her favorite 9 pound beast, Emma. They start a conversation.


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