Communication is hard. What do you wish was easier to communicate? This can affect yourself, others, groups of people, etc.


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  1. Griz 2 years ago

    Experience has show that Spiritual Truths are difficult to communicate; often because they present a conundrum between our flesh (ego) that craves pre-proof and instant gratification . . . and things existing in a frame that is greater than just us.

    It helps that there are SO many Spiritual analogies woven in the fabric of everyday life. But again, our flesh (ego, feelings, urges, desires for instant gratification and the total avoidance of anything painful) rails at and creates copious sophistries as to why such Truths “deserve” immediate rejection.


  2. Jear77 2 years ago

    In communication class there’s a diagram… see enclosed picture that show how our filters, the noise within us and outside us makes things difficult to understand what the other is saying.


  3. barryjack 10 months ago

    I wish everything was a bit easier to communicate really. A giant problem is that, to me anyway, we aren’t always in a situation where we actually have to physically listen anymore. We can only think of responses to stuff. A conversation doesn’t have to happen in real time. I guess, via penpal type stuff, it never really had to. Everyone seems to be in “talk” mode.


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