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  • This is a simple exercise that you can participate in as much or as little as you would like.

    Respond with an entry that will develop our story into an intriguing adventure. With each new post our story will

    • In a land far far away, there was a man with catlike eyes. Because of this physical deformity people mistrusted him, but he had an animal magnetism, a charisma towards animals that could not be denied.

    • …and they lived happily ever after.

    • He had the ability to ignore humans who tried to end his story prematurely. One day while hanging out in the forest with his band of animal friends, he met a blind woman who could talk to animals.

    • Site lost dns connection… so, lost my story.

      In short, once a upon a time ago, there was only one person in a world of their own imagination… concepts like “someone else” was something they had to invent. We are not so different in that we dream and have fantasies. We write stories. We code worlds of software, and made computers and software to do so. So, once apon a time, very very far in the future, and very very long ago…

      There was a world infinite.

      How to create a video game.

      No one creates one without challenge, without form. Form is finite from the infinite. Limitations makes it a game. Why a game.

      A sandbox makes a game. Why a sandbox. A sandbox is necessary for other people to interact with.

      Other people.

      When that idea was new.

    • In an effort to get this back on track:

      The meeting of the man, who could somehow accept communications with animals without words and the woman who could literally speak to them, created an interesting trinity, where in combination they could garner a greater understanding of the way everything connected All to each other.

      • (That is beautiful @spitfire3dc, I will continue…)

        The man with the cat eyes, and the woman with no eyes stayed in the wild with their animal friends. One day they discovered a young woman who appeared to be living with a tribe of chimpanzees. The couple thought they were the only people on the planet who had this connection with the animal kingdom. They studied this young woman, and they marveled at her ease with the wild chimps.

    • …fast forward to 2016. A woman looking for a story to take her away from the disasters that surround her finds this story; and she rediscovers her own humanity. She had only been communicating with humans, and on a very dark level. The story of the couple who could communicate with animals brought her back to life. The woman sets down her computer and goes outside to hang out in the garden with her favorite 9 pound beast, Emma. They start a conversation.

  • Let’s say that you’ve been gifted with $100,000. You must use this money to put some good out into your community.

    What do you do?

    • Let’s see here… open a 501-3C and open a soup kitchen… with many things bought from this place called “hands of hope” in town. It sells random stuff CHEAP. Prepackaged things have a best “use by” date, which would be the basis of my meals. Furthermore, they give out fresh fruits and veggies daily.

    • I don’t know…

      $100,000 doesn’t seem sufficient to make any lasting difference in a community.

      Is it possible to increase that figure to $100M?

      If so, then I will put the money in an endowment to fund scholarships at my local Community College. The beneficiaries will be low-income family high school graduates who are interested in pursuing vocational and trade courses such as welding, HVAC, crane operator, carpentry, shipping, transportation, nursing assistant, etc.

      There will be two conditions attached to the scholarship before it is granted. The participant agrees to (1) complete the course, and (2) work for at least 6 months after the completion of the course.

      In the event that either of these two conditions is not met, the participant agrees to pay back the grant.

      A $100M endowment will be sufficient to fund the education of 200 graduates annually for the next 100 years at the cost of $5000 per course.

    • 100k doesn’t go far these days, so it would have to be leveraged in some way to make an impact.

      I’d probably give it to this organisation I have worked with that helps charities raise money. They work with a very thin overhead and staff and have helped charities that have no other sources to bring in revenue in the neighbourhood of about $3,000,000 a year. I personally know the guy that started it and I know he is all in when it comes to community outreach. I’ve also met other pricks who do it strictly for the cream they shave off the top. This organisation is in it purely to help those who are in it to help others.

    • tell the homeless mom with 2 kids that $100K “doesn’t seem sufficient” or “doesn’t go far these days”.

      doesn’t always have to help the masses. local acts of kindness are the best kind.

    • Just for the sake of discussion, is it better to use the money in singular acts of charity that have a momentary impact on immediate circumstances, or leveraging the money in a way that it could have a more meaningful influence over a longer term?

      Another thought, and I equate this to “voluntourism”; is the momentary act of support to an individual as much for the purpose of making the giver feel value as a contributor, so they can look in the mirror and say, “I am better that both the one in need and the rest of “them”, because I am doing something specific where I can see the results.

      Anecdote; I know a woman who was going to Cambodia on a mission trip to bring Jesus to local prostitutes. I asked her what her local experience was in the same regard? Blank stare response.

      My point is that anyone can react to specific circumstances but to stop, think, plan and execute has significantly more value. Being proactive is sometimes a luxury that few have the opportunity to capitalize on, but somewhere along the line, we need to do just that. Sometimes it takes a while for the “luck” to catch up, but the odds are in favour that they can.

    • As far as it would go, I would feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and house the homeless.

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    I just wanted to bring your attention to a

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  • Even though the popularity of the calling card is long gone with modern times, it doesn’t mean that it can’t still be used!

    Welcome to the magic phone booth. Tag another user who you have not heard from in a

    • I’m not at my desk right now but if you leave a time and the reason you called, I’ll get back to you shortly” Beeeeeeeeeep!

      Hi Jesus, not sure what difference it makes what time I called but it’s just before 7am on Tuesday morning.

      I have a question about your Ressurection. I know it made a big impression, but wouldn’t it have been even bigger if you continued your Ministry for at least a few years? That would have just shut down the status quo religious leaders, because us was proof positive that You were who You said you were and they should have zero credibility to deny it.

      Maybe we can schedule a meeting down the line. Let me know how later this week looks. Thanks.

    • @jared_meyer, Hope you’re doing well. Long time no see.

    • @jared_meyer It is good to know that you are still hanging in there. I think of you now and then and did wonder how things were going with you. Sorry to hear that Ol’ Dad is circling the drain. You are a good son to stick in there with him. Take care of yourself and don’t be a stranger to this site. We are all here for you.

    • no, after the boiler exploded we got the opprotunity to work at other plants but the travel was trouble.
      i talked to some friends from my old job when i was in nj. told them if anything pops up to let me know.
      so now i am back with my old job, they eliminated the night shift (the reason i was fired from there in the first place) so i have to work days and unlike my job at the chicken plant, i cant play on my phone at work.

  • Get really fucking shit-faced(or really fucking fed up) and ramble about everyone and everything that is grinding your gears. Have fun with it.

    • Oh come on Griz…she said get ugly…ramble…let ‘er rip…let me hear you bitch about people who cut in front of a 20,000 pound load of steel and then hit the brakes…c’mon vent. Inspire me to do likewise. You’re shaman isn’t watching…get that piece of ugly out there!!!

    • I work very hard at maintaining my sense of calm…

  • What are two compliments you hear from people about yourself?

  • What was the first live music concert or performance you saw? Share the experience.

    • I believe it was 1963. All my friends and I went to the Hollywood Bowl for the Beatles Concert. It was crowded. We sat in the middle of the stadium and brought binoculars. I could hardly hear the Beatles singing above the screaming. Two years later, we went to the Beatles concert at Dodger Stadium. Those seats were worse. However, it was all about Beatlemania and it was crazy wonderful.

      Now that I think of those years, in 1961 I saw Dick Dale and the Deltones, but it wasn’t a real concert. That was the band that played at the Hermosa Beach surfer’s hang-outs. The Beach Boys sang there, too. Of course, we sat on the back yard fences and listened to the Beach Boys putting together their arrangements —- with their father shouting at them to have more of this and less of that. It wasn’t a concert because it was all part of the surfing crowd that I hung with. In 1962, Jerry Lewis would sing for my drama class. We would watch him filming some of his movies and he held a sing-in where he sat with us and sang the songs from his movie “Rock-a-bye Baby” . But then, that was not a concert. It was Jerry asking us what we thought of his songs for the movie.

    • Harry Chapin at Massey Hall in Toronto.

      I only bought tickets because I knew this girl I wanted to ask out liked him. I just happened to mention I had tickets. She went a little kookie. I asked he if she wanted to go. She couldn’t say no. We went. She was boring. Harry talked to me in the lobby. She’s just an anecdotal memory. I can’t hear him sing a song and not listen to it to the end.

  • What 3 issues would you promise to address during your political bid for office?These issues can address problems at the local, state, national or global level.

    • First promise, I would make my tax returns public so I can prove that I have not benefited financially from potential enemies of the state, or received any monies from partners who have used me to launder funds generated through illegal activities.

      Second promise would be to put qualified people into positions of power with zero potential for conflicts of interest that would affect their ability to serve the people over themselves.

      Third promise. I would not lie. Ever.

    • 1) Revoke the Charter of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, and return to a sound monetary system that is interest free as our Constitution originally called for.
      2) Revoke and disband the Internal Revenue Service. Taxation is theft.
      3) Imprison the worst criminal of them all…

    • I’m torn between redistributing the wealth or just abolishing the perceived value in money altogether. We would self-govern ourselves much better if we quit defining moral stature with money, which we’re all taught to do in this culture whether we’re conscious of it or not.
      Sorry that’s only one promise, but it only takes one radical idea to drastically change everything.

    • @JRIII No, not since she actually broke the law.

  • I am your 16-year old self, write me a letter. Tell me as little or as much as you want, I’m all ears!

    • Dear Stinker-Girl, So you think that you are hot shit and popular. Well, your wild ways are going to get you in trouble. Howard Kaylan is a married man. Don’t be messing around!!! It is fun hanging out with the Crossfires (later they will be the Turtles), but try to keep your underpants on. Rob writes songs and you will not like it if he writes a song about your wild ass ways. It will be humiliating for you to hear those song on the radio, after your mistakes catch up with you. Flo and Eddie (Howard Kaylan and Mark Vollman) are fun to be around, but trouble is ahead for you.
      Your dance partner at the roller rink is a future serial killer. It is best not to anger him. In fact, if you drop him now —- let him go his way and forget him, life will be less of a drama. But, you never listen to advice.
      You will lose your boyfriend this year. You will be heartbroken as you see Lowell Henry date other women and he will marry someone else. You will be wise and you will befriend his wife and your patience will pay off when you are about 45. He will rethink his mistake of leaving you and you will marry him. Too bad his drinking will end up killing him, but you will have some good years together.
      The trouble ahead, from hanging out with Rob, Howard, and Mark will end in a pregnancy at 18. Life will get complicated. The child will be your shining star of your life, but you could avoid it all if you settle down and behave yourself. You will have a string of marriages that will fail. You are looking for answers to a problem that you would not have if you stop hanging around with the surfing crowd. You could go to El Camino College, get a good job at Mattel Toys and have a different life, but you will not listen to me. You don’t listen to anyone.
      Things will work out in the end. You have to make your own mistakes and find your own answers in your life. No one can tell you anything. I am writing you from the future. After you marry Lowell Henry and he dies, just hang in there. Wait patiently because there will be a better partner ahead and your Senior years will work out just fine and you will be happy. I wish you all the luck in the world. Your wild ass will need it.
      Love you always,
      Barbara Henry

  • Write a haiku about time. A haiku poem consists of three lines, with the first and last line having 5 syllables, and the middle line having 7. Your haiku does not have to rhyme.

  • Communication is hard. What do you wish was easier to communicate? This can affect yourself, others, groups of people, etc.

    • In communication class there’s a diagram… see enclosed picture that show how our filters, the noise within us and outside us makes things difficult to understand what the other is saying.

    • I wish everything was a bit easier to communicate really. A giant problem is that, to me anyway, we aren’t always in a situation where we actually have to physically listen anymore. We can only think of responses to stuff. A conversation doesn’t have to happen in real time. I guess, via penpal type stuff, it never really had to. Everyone seems to be in “talk” mode.

  • admin wrote a new post, Shape My World 4 years ago

    • The shape of my home made gingerbread house. I’m just putting it together the best I can.

    • I saw this recently and thought it was kind of remarkable. A pretty unusual geometrically perfect part of a circle.

  • admin wrote a new post, Give Thanks 4 years ago

    • Dear Strangers,

      Thank you for filling our home with furniture, our fridge with food and our hearts with happy! Dear Strangers, thank you for being my friend and confidants even though we have never met! Thank you for smiles and letting me pout and for understanding that I can have a dog for a boyfriend. Dear Strangers, thank you for making us feel at home with just your smiles because we don’t speak the same language. It has been a hard year but I needed to have to work through this! Dear Strangers, thank you for alla that and a pie pan of hope!

      Mother of Elf

    • Thank you for being in my life. You bring adventure to my life. You are love to the fourth power. You are handsome inside and out, your mind, your heart, your humor, and your courage. You know what it means to be a good father, and a good partner. You know when to say, “Yes”, or “No”, or to just be silent while we figure things out for ourselves. You love your pets and your children. You love me, too. You let me know in so many ways every day and night since we met 4 years and 5 months ago. That is a lot of days and nights. How lucky I am to have found such a loving and romantic man. Thank you for being my light in the darkness of life. You made me this candle lamp and it reminds me that you love me. Thank you for loving me.

  • admin wrote a new post, Sell Your City 4 years ago

    • ” We’re part of the Metro – Nashville Area…..
      But then so are several hundred other communities, most of them with more cows & cemeteries than people ! “.

      ” Bible – Belt Area : Act heterosexual, WASP & Christian Right “. :)

    • Stop and feel it.

    • Welcome to Phoenix, Surface of the Sun, um Valley of the Sun. OK, it’s damn hot here.

    • I can kayak in the ocean and climb a glacier the same day. Weed is legal. We are the first state to border another state that has legal weed. We were the first state to vote in gay marriage. We are the first city to raise the minimum wage to $15.00/hr. We are the first city to vote in a socialist to city council. We have are building a dynasty with the Seahawks. It’s a super easy walking city. There are many amazing restaurants that are local and organic. We are only 3 hours away from the great city of Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC. The fish is fresh and the mushrooms are aplenty. There is no shortage of microbrews and gastro pubs. Due to a major coffee company being born here, the competition for good coffee is high. We read more than any city in the US. We support the indi-film industry like no other. We are 2nd to Italy when it comes to the art of glass thanks to Dale Chihuly. We have the most mixed race couples than any other major city in the US. We are surrounded by glaciers, lakes and the sound. We can view a 14,000+ foot glacier from sea level which makes it tower over the city on a clear day. The San Juan Islands is the kayak capital of the world. We are a blue state thank goodness. We have 2 amazing professional stadiums for baseball and football. Our soccer team, the Sounders showed the rest of the MLS how fans should act at a soccer match. On their feet the whole time singing. We have an amazing free 3 day music festival on Memorial Weekend called FolkLife and a paying one, that is the most economical music and arts festival on Labor Day Weekend called Bumbershoot. Bruce and his son, Brandon Lee are buried here; and so is Jimi Hendrix. The local music scene is off the charts! Yeah, I love my city.

    • Welcome to ******, Maryland! Home of some of the highest violent crime per capita rates, an exuberant heroin epidemic, whores straddling up and down main street in a daze, and ‘roided-up police officers driving around in ghost-painted 2012 Dodge Chargers that they bought with “anti-drug grants!”

      Don’t forget to stop by the waste processing center, located conveniently next to the department of corrections and one of our town’s four heavy “ghetto” areas.

      Rock n’ roll baby, it’s fear and loathing along the Chesapeake Bay.

    • We haven’t got much of a social / cultural scene here, so a lot of us are responsible for keeping Internet porn consumption up when we’re not in church ! :)

    • We have cheap heroin!

  • Sometimes teeny tiny white lies save us when we need to be saved. Sometimes those teeny tiny white lies can snowball into a bigger lie that we have to lie more to cover up.

    What was the last white lie you told?

    • I told this girl I was dating that I liked this dress that looked like a dull blue duffle – bag that I liked, when I would’ve thought a burlap sack would’ve been an improvement. But I DIDN’T tell her, & she wore it to just about EVERY date we went out on afterwards.
      I didn’t tell her the truth, because I wanted to spare her feelings. BACKFIRED & blew up in my face !

    • the kids had tried all the big kid rides at the fair that they were allowed to go on. then they set their sites on the little kid rides, that they could have gone on, but… we were tired, we didnt want to stand around watching them ride the rides anymore. we wanted french fries dammit
      so we told them they were too big for the little kid rides and that they wouldnt be allowed to ride them, so lets go eat something okay?! (we could have just said No and dealt with meltdowns and fits and still got food, but a little white lie saved everyone around us as well as everyone involved from all that drama…)

    • The house in Glendale, AZ was nearly finished. Only the garage had to be cleaned up. It had about 42 empty boxes saved over the years by my Aunt and the usual floor litter and dirt. My cousin Sue said that she was NOT going to clean the garage for the new buyers. Escrow was closing, but the new buyers saw that the garage needed to be cleaned out. Sue said, “To hell with the buyers, they can clean the garage themselves!” The movers had taken all the furniture and I swept and vacuumed a nice clam shell pattern in all of the carpeting. I put my vacuum cleaner in my car. Sue was getting into her car. She really was not going to do any more work and was leaving the house unfinished. This is how it has been from the very first day. Sue sits on her ass and hires people to do the work and what work cannot be hired out, she has me doing. I pulled weeds in the yards, made ugly disgusting toilets shine gleaming white, packed boxes, cleaned and patched walls, did heavy lifting, shampooed carpets, cleaned out cabinets, and the list goes on. Sue did the telephone work, calling people and arguing with them over what needs to be done. As the movers wanted Sue to get her ass out of the last couch, so that they could wrap it and carry it out to the moving van, I stuck an inventory sticker on Sue’s blouse with a sticker of the family name. I begged the movers to wrap up the couch WITH Sue still on it. They knew why, but could not do that. With everything gone and the carpets vacuumed, Sue was ready to ignore the mess in the garage and leave for California. We stood by her car and I said good-bye. I said, “It was fun working with you on this house.” That was a lie. It was hell working with Sue because she had ordered me around and I did all of the heavy cleaning and packing. I was exhausted! I waved good-bye.

      I went back there the next day. I tore down all of the boxes flattened and stuffed them into the largest box. I was sweeping all of the clutter and mess from the garage floor when I suddenly cried out to whatever force of the universe, “Help me!”

      Suddenly, a micro burst swirled by the garage and sucked up all of the clutter and plastic bags with most of the floor dirt. It formed a mini-tornado and swirled out down the street, dispersing the dirt and trash to the front yards of several of the neighbors. Those neighbors had been very rude to Sue and I in the past few months. I stood and watched the funnel releasing plastic bags and dirt as it vanished down the street —- Oh well! Karma!!! I swept up the rest of the floor dirt and a handyman and I pulled the big box full of flattened boxes out to the curbside to be picked up by the trash truck. My job was over. Escrow closed. The new owners ar moving into their house today. It was NOT fun working with Sue. However, she is my cousin and I still have to be nice to her.

    • we had a friend coming to visit that I hadn’t seen in a long time and although I did want to hear what’s new, I really didn’t want to hear it during game three against Tampa Bay and my Blue Jays. That white lie cost me 8.5 innings of a game that was tied 4-4 going into the bottom of the 9th and I tuned in just in time to see the last play of the game. A home run by Donaldson for a walk off win.

      Who takes 8.5 innings to tell you what’s new? A good friend. In hindsight, glad I stuck by my white lie.

    • A few days ago I had plugged in a very potent air freshener and turned the dial up so that the maximum amount of “freshness” would escape it. My dad asked me if I was the one who plugged in the freshener, and I said yes. He told me that the freshener had given my mom an asthma attack and then asked if I turned the dial all the way up. I said no. I really had no reason to lie, but I guess it was out of habit.

    • Your dad is not a terrible person.

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