• September 22 marks the end of summer for 2015. While we are anxious to greet the cooler months that are to follow, let’s get sentimental for a moment.

    Write a sestet of a summer memory you have. A sestet is

    • Working at Aunt Katherine’s house to get it ready to sell.
      Working with cousin Sue is a frustrating kind of hell.

      If I didn’t get away from it and take a few breaks,
      I’d be in a rubber room, in straight jacket and with the shakes.

      But now, it is almost over, pack the furniture to move.
      Put the work behind me, get my life back in my “groove”.

    • pack the lunches
      pack the bags
      pack the kids
      pack the dog
      pack the car
      its beach day

    • Front wheels loose
      Understeer mind raging
      Backend dragged along

      Rear wheels hooning
      Oversteer smile delighted
      Backend swigning around

    • As summer sunsets
      We go from bright to glowing

      We experience the breeze
      Of the Fall that is blowing

      Oh beautiful Nature
      Your graceful is showing

  • If you were to design Mt. Rushmore to represent the 20th century, whose faces would you select, and why?

    • Nickola Tesla
      Orville and Wilbur Wright
      Ronald Reagan
      Eleanor Roosevelt

    • Dolly Parton, hmmmm, that would take three…and for the fourth…geeze…now I’ve got boobs on the brain so…hmmmm…Donald Trump.

    • Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, and Audrey Hepburn.

    • Leelo – I would choose Leeloo because she saves the world and she’s hot.

      Captain James T. Kirk – I would choose Captain Kirk because he saved the universe and because I enjoy the cartoon character he became after his 5 year mission.

      Bob Ross – Nothing more needs to be said about this 20th century hero.

      Randy Mantooth – Just a little something for the ladies.

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  • There are 8 traits found in successful people. However, the measure of success varies from one person to the next. Make a list of your “Eight to be Great”.

    • A successful person…

      1. Finds solutions to problems.
      2. Doesn’t complain when things get difficult.
      3. Learns something new everyday.
      4. Applies what they learn.
      5. Adapts to change.
      6. Exploits people’s strengths.
      7. Offers guidance and asks nothing in return.
      8. Rewards success.

      I just dropped 8 kinds of truth up in this.

    • Good list @eric not sure I can come up with 8 others but I’ll try.

      Successful people:

      1. Start with the premise that they will succeed.
      2. Truly see obstacles as opportunities.
      3. Are motivated by results, not money.
      4. Understand psychological behaviour patterns associated with personal interactions.
      5. Understand how to generate synergy to accomplish more with less effort.
      6. Know how to communicate clearly.
      7. Open minded to a degree, but trustful of earned experiential gut response.
      8. Set targets and then map the route.
      9. Always go beyond what is asked for.

    • 1) You are the best at what you do…even if you’re not.
      2) Set realistic personal goals. Just getting out of bed in the morning helps.
      3) Keep accurate records. (especially the books you keep away from the prying eyes of the IRS)
      4) Never lie to an IRS auditor, unless you’re absolutely certain you can get away with it.
      5) Never borrow money from a guy named Guitto in an ally next to an Italian restaurant.
      6) Always keep a top notch attorney on retainer who will be at your beckon call in under 5 minutes.
      7) Never sit with your back to the front door in a public restaurant, and know where all of the exits are.
      8) Never put yourself in a situation where you might have to shoot some one, that’s why you hire guys to do that for you.

    • 1) Honesty
      2) Integrity
      3) Grit
      4) Never let your self worth be determined by your bank account
      5) Stay creative
      6) Make sleep a priority
      7) Laugh at your past failures
      8) Smile at strangers when they pass you by

  • As a child the uncanny can be frightening. Too many creaks and rattles keep the night light on which better illuminates grandma’s dolls that watch you from their perch high above on the mantle. Looking back at our

    • My late husband was in my life when I was a little girl. He was my babysitter when I was 8. He would tell me that there was a monster in my closet that would GET ME if I didn’t go to sleep. He would tell me that the monster would come out during the night and wiggle my bed to test and see if I was really asleep. We live in California where it is not unusual to have a tremor of an earthquake now and then. An earthquake would have me jumping out of bed in terror. I had a fear of something being under my bed, or in my bed and moving my covers.

      Now that I am an adult, I know those are silly fears and I am much too grown up for such silly fears.

      One night, just 5 years ago, my bed jiggled in the night and woke me up! I laid in the dark wondering if I had just imagined it. It jiggled again!!! I got a flashlight and leaned over the side of my bed to shine the flashlight beam under my bed…. two eyes glowed greenish yellow!!! I screamed because I knew my cats were outside. I bolted out of bed to check outside and make sure my cats were really outside. They were asleep in my tea room. I shined the light under my bed and the eyes were still glowing in the flashlight!!! Then I realized that when my son left my house a few days before, he left his cat behind —- it was my son’s abandoned cat.

      Then, 4 years ago, I was sleeping at my boyfriend’s house, and the bed jiggled. I woke up! I felt something crawling up my covers!!! For a moment, I was a little girl in fear. Then his cat got comfortable between us and settled down to go to sleep. He has 6 cats and it is now a common thing that a cat sleeps in bed with us. Then there was the night I awoke to realize there was something in the closet —– yep, another cat! I got up and let the cat out of the closet. After all, I am grown up and much too old for silly fears.

    • Your dog is fully charged when eyes turn green.

    • When I was a little girl, around 5 or 6, I lived on a farm. There were 3 other houses near by but still a 10minute walk or so away. So you could say we were pretty secluded. My older sister was a brat and picked on me from time to time. She used to tell me stories of a faceless man who would appear at the front door if you opened it past dark. I was always terrified to go near the front door of our house at night. As I got older that fear of opening closed doors grew with me. I am now 21 and still to this day I get scared a wee bit when I have to open closed doors, especially if they lead outside and it is night.

      • At night, I answer the door with a can of pepper spray either in my hand, or near the door. I have that same fear.

      • Older siblings can be a real pain in the ass when you are still a young child. They just know more and can better manipulate your emotions.

        I try to avoid opening doors too quickly anywhere, just to take a second and check my surroundings. A faceless man sounds terrifying.

    • Okay here I go…
      It is not exactly a “fear of things that go bump in the night”… I don’t want to name Them right now… in fact this is why it has taken me so long to respond to this prompt.

      But, I do have quite a few lurking childhood things… Most of which I do my best to disallow. But this one is amusing… I can remember a while when I was a kid, maybe about 11 years old? when I slept on my back, because I thought that the walls would take offense if I slept with my back to one? Maybe I was sneaking too many ghost stories under my blankets? I don’t know where the thought came from or where it went. But once in a while I will get a weird feeling now, like if I sleep on one of my sides, a sort of mistrust feeling, you know? Dont even get me started on sleeping with bedroom doors open! and I will roll onto my back and all will feel well. Am I a nutter? ! Maybe, whatever I sleep better lol

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  • Can we play ‘caption this’ with a picture I took?

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen! This robin was very curious about the sound of my camera clicking away. I am not sure he is happy about being a

  • Evil is afoot. The commissioner has just called you on the bat phone and needs your help to save the city from destruction.

    What powers will you use to save the place from the thing?

    Bonus question! How did

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  • A <a href=”http://www.soulsequel.com/truth-and-dare/”>Truth and Dare</a> and a <a href=”http://www.soulsequel.com/public-art/”>Public Art</a> activity has been created.

  • Post a picture of  a local artistic expression that you have seen as you have been exploring your world.

    Contributing Member
    Thank you to Spitfire3dc for this activity suggestion.

    • This was kind of cool. I think there is a bridge in France that has a similar idea where lovers attach padlocks as an expression of their commitment. This one was put up in an old district in Toronto that once housed a distillery and now all the factory buildings have been converted to restaurants, bars and crafty types of retail stores.

    • Here in Norwalk, CA, we have several bee sculptures at the Green Line Train Station. Where we can take a train to the LAX Airport, or to Redondo Beach. It also, connects with theBlue Line Train from Long Beach to The Red Line that goes into the heart of Los Angeles. All bus routes go to the train stations. I don’t understand why we have bees at the train station.

    • This art display is called, Sonic Boom! Each flower has a solar panel on top and they change colors at night. They also have motion sensors, as you go by each flower you activate part of the muscial scale of do-rae-mi. I love running by these back and forth and make my own song.

      This is a fun art display which is also educational. There’s a myth that solar power won’t work in Seattle, but even on cloudy days, these flowers show that it solar energy works.

    • This is a piece that has rested on the side of this building for I don’t know how long. The owner has semiretired and I have been waiting to see if I will be able to buy this from him. I would LOVE to have it in my backyard!

    • Seen in Brussels, Belgium.

    • Snapped this on a street in Toronto recently

    • The underside of a marquee at the Palace Theater here.

    • @mamjoy. That’s a personal pic on an outing with grandson. He’s got one of those no pedal bikes and is getting harder and harder to keep up with.

    • Here’s a mural in my old town

    • I like good graffiti. Some gang members tagged some of the trees in my park. I am totally pissed about that. Abandoned buildings, bridges, trains are OK; especially if it’s dang good art like this.

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