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    Hey everyone. Okay, I lied. There are no tricks. But there are tips on using this site.

    Profile page?

    You can make updates to your profile on your Profile page. You can post an update here for people to see when they visit your profile too. We are working on reintegrating the site-wide social wall onto the profiles.

    Profile Wall?

    This wall is for member to post updates that will appear site wide. These updates are separated from your activity and conversations activity. It’s a not ideal for conversations because new posts to the profile wall push the older posts further down the line. But it’s good for small talk and quick shares, you can also share images. Anything you post the social wall is visible by all logged in members.

    What is the Feed page?

    The activity page provides site-wide member activity updates. Anything you post on the activity page is visible by all logged in members. You can also like activities that are shown by other members.

    Members Page?

    You can view all registered members here, you can also search for members in the directory.


    This page offers activities for you to participate in. They are created by the site administrators, but if you have suggestions or wish to have a featured post this is welcomed. Just email to post@soulsequel.com. Any submitted activities will be credited to their authors, unless requested otherwise.


    You are here. You can start topics and reply to others. The topics that are most active will move towards the top of the page. You can add tags in your posts for easy referencing for the search option if you desire. Be sure to place commas(“,”) between tags for easy filtering. You may reply to other posts directly or you may use the “@” symbol with their username.


    You may use BBCodes to post in the forum. You can find a reference chart of these codes here.


    If you mark a conversation as a favorite, it will be saved in your profile for future viewing.


    If you subscribe to a conversation you will be notified of all updates on that particular topic.

    Up vote? Down vote?

    Do you like or dislike a conversation or reply? Cast your votes. Votes are visible by all site visitors.


    On this page you chat with other members if they are in the chat room. If they aren’t, you can invite them via private or public message.

    If anyone would like more details, please let me know and I will update this page.

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