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    A lack of innovation, a failure to keep up with the times is the problem with democracy. Voting for people to vote for a person for you made sense in the late 1700’s, but it’s silly now. So much work has been done in the way of math, and we have so many technological advances that we shouldn’t still be voting like this. Here are the reforms I always call for: (All these links are for more information about these ideas!)


    1. Popular Vote (1 person = 1 vote)

    Currently, in the US at least, Wyomingites, Alaskans, and Coloradans are significantly more powerful in voting than Californians or Pennsylvanians. The smaller the state population, the more power each person has. Instead we should have everyone’s vote equal.

    2. Approval Vote (Vote for as many candidates as you like)

    Almost every democracy currently uses either First past the post, or Plurality voting. These methods enforce the party system, as additional candidates necessarily take votes away from the other candidates. They also encourage strategic voting, voting for a candidate, not because you believe they’ll do a good job, but simply because they’re the lesser evil among the candidates likely to win. With approval voting, everyone votes for as many candidates as they approve of, eliminating  the need for party unity.

    3. Shortest Straight Line Redistricting

    This is a solution to gerrymandering. Gerrymandering encourages partisanship and radicalizes elected officials. This stems from both parties preferring stable red only or blue only districts. Once the districts are divided along party lines, politicians need only appeal to one party, which leads to farther left and right leaning candidates. You can see how this makes it hard for all these politicians to work together when they must all radicalize to be elected. Instead districts can be drawn mathematically by dividing the population up into halves by the shortest straight line.

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