• arias01 started the topic Refuting the Unobservable in the forum Conversations 3 years, 3 months ago

    I’ve recently crossed with a few people peddling woo and hiding behind the defense that their woo is ‘unobservable’ or ‘unprovable,’ but should nonetheless be accepted as a legitimate reason to act in a particular way. I wanted to refute these claims in the broadest possible way, so here you go.

    Consider a situation in which your woo does something. Before the woo is activated the system (All the matter and energy your woo will be affecting) is in a state we’ll call A. A has a certain energy that we can measure based on the mass, location, and motion of all the particles in it. Lets say that E is the energy function, so E(A) is the energy present in state  A. Now we’ll define a second state B which occurs after your woo has taken affect. It is exactly the same as A in all regards, except for the action of the woo. There are two possibilities for E(B), either E(B) = E(A) or  E(B) =/= E(A). If E(B) = E(A) then your woo has made no observable difference, and is therefore not worth believing. If E(B) =/= E(A) then we have observed your woo, meaning that it is not unobservable.

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