• I think the root of complaining about something might be a self acceptance issue. When you are not satisfied with yourself, you compare yourself to others who appear to be satisfied, thinking that you might be able to achieve that state if you were like them, or had what they had, etc. We all deeply want to accept ourselves but our culture does…[Read more]

  • Generally when you make decisions based on your emotions, it is not considered logical. However whenever a person is “stuck” in life people say things like “go with your heart” or “go with your instinct” or “go

    • Not being emotional, I use facts to make decisions. I list pros and cons. I add up the numbers. I take into the measurements how I feel about it. I think about possibilities and the impossibilities. Then, I make a choice and go with it.

    • Depends on how much we are removing emotion from the equation. Sometimes, it is the emotion that leads to logical decisions. We have to put emotion and feelings into the equation because we conscious creatures have them. If we didn’t, some terrible things could instantly become logical. (Like, if we take Thanos from Infinity War. He had logic on his side but he disregarded emotion. He was clearly the villain.) Sometimes, we base our decisions on emotions, like empathy. A lot of the time, they are logical choices because we can understand how others feel and how we’d feel. I think it is a balance game. Sometimes, emotions are bad. People get angry and lash out in such terrible ways. While I do understand it at the emotional level, I can’t condone it at the logical level. People need to feel their emotions and then examine the paths they can take before going down the trail. Not going down a path and exiting the situation entirely is also an option in many cases.

    • I think if your emotions are not involved in the decision making process; something important is being left out.

      Many believe that the brain is the only organ that influences and organizes everything else in our bodies. I recall reading about an issue where the heart physically influenced physiology and that was based on people missing some of their emotional intelligence, because they actually had an artificial heart.

      To me, this is not a yes/no. This is not about using emotion/not using emotion/using brain/not using brain. Balance is everything. There is a way to use both in balance. Extremism is NEVER an option as far as I am concerned.

      As far as not believing in happiness; let me ask you this: Are you content? In my opinion, understanding how to be content is the key to happiness.

      I do my due diligence when it comes to making decisions. I examine available facts, I try to anticipate obstacles and how to overcome them if necessary and I ask myself how do I feel about making the effort? That is my hybrid approach.

      I am content, so I am happy, so the logical response to you final question must be yes. It also feel right to me.

    • I am not sure that it is. It would depend on the exact nature of the decision, though.
      Sometimes the best thing to do when you have a tough decision, and are not sure what to do is to do nothing until the muddy waters clear and you are able to evaluate things with more clarity.

      “Do you believe that it is wrong to make decisions based on your emotions?” Not necessarily, as long as the decision does not harm to self or others. I am guided by the principle, “do no harm”. ” Does making decisions on how you feel really lead to that kind of life?” No, not necessarily, because if you are making many decisions on how you feel, it is likely you are using the lower part of your brain and animal instinct, rather than the more evolved, logical part of the brain. Does such a life even exist? Yes, it exists. Look into Buddha’s path. You might find it there.

    • Generally when you make decisions based on your emotions, it is not considered logical.

      No. Not “generally”.

      So then you go on to say this-

      However whenever a person is “stuck” in life people say things like “go with your heart” or “go with your instinct” or “go with your intuition”. To me this means that, if you do what you want to do, as in what you “feel” is the right thing to do (listening to your intuition, if that is even real), it will lead you to be presented with more opportunities in life that will put you, and keep you, on the right path. This is so long as you continue making those decisions based on what makes you “feel” good.

      That’s the exact opposite of “logical”. In your own words.

      • @Weenis
        Why are you so stuck on finding fault lately weenis?

        What is it you are bearing witness to? Try loosening the screws and “participating”, rather than being on the defense all the time.

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          The original post had absolutely zero redeeming qualities. It lacked thought, it was contradictory, and it plays into our stupid post modernistic thinking where anything goes.

          • @Weenis
            You may need to adjust your filters.
            Plenty of other found sufficient meat in it to chew on.

            You will have to do better than you have to link this to postmodernism.

            So again I would ask, what’s with your increasing need of late to fault-find unto shutting down dialogue? Did your pet guppy die? :sad:

            • @griz

              I’m not shutting down dialogue in general. Just with you, specifically. Cause like I said, you’re a waste of time.

              • @Weenis
                Actually you show the same pattern of shutting down dialogue with many others.

                Your trying to do it right out of the starting-gate with a new member is what elicited my response in the first place.

    • Welcome to Soulsequel.

      There are already some really good, solid answers here. I will say pretty much the same thing. Most decisions are a mixture of emotion and logic. Even when voting. I use all the facts I can gather on the candidate, but there are also some emotions it.

      When I am creating art or gardening, that’s when I use emotion only, go with my heart, go with my instinct. But, every now and then I have to crack open a book or hit the internet to find a fact or inspiration that helps me move forward.

    • My thought is that we have both emotions, and intellect for a reason. Sort of the same as one has a saw and a hammer in the toolbox. Both are necessary to built a house. But each is for a specific purpose.

      Something like intuition (which many people react to as if it were real), is more of a proactive planning/predictive process. Emotions are entirely reactionary processes. So they are both “the same” as in they are not functions of intellect; but they are different for the reasons pointed out above.

      On one hand I understand the “ultimate comfort” assertion. But I find there are many aspects of what I consider “the right path” that are more things of effort, duty, and responsibility — and these are not always the greatest comfort-generators in the short term.

      I don’t believe happiness is any more viable a goal than intoxication. Both are reactions to outside stimuli, both feel nice for a while, and both wear off leaving you wanting an even greater dose. I believe happiness exists; but that “the pursuit” of it makes as much sense as trying to pursue a little bluebird [of happiness].

      Emotions are short-termed, reactionary phenomena. So decisions based purely upon them tend to be likewise. But decisions based purely on logic can rob you of a lot of good things in this moment.
      There really is no logical reason to stop and smell the roses or enjoy a sunset. And what logic is there in pursuing all the hassles of friendship/relationship??

      I think “the right path”, is a balanced path; not ignoring one tool for sake of the other. There are few things as ridiculous as watching someone trying to cut a board with a hammer, or drive a nail with a saw.

    • You want to have a positive outcome? That is something that will make you “feel” good in some way. I think it helps to try to use a bit of both. A negative experience can lead you to feel a certain way, and you may just use that in your decision making. “I don’t like how that went. I don’t like how that made me feel”.

  • I don’t think people are afraid to think. I believe all people are processing thoughts every waking moment. I do believe that people are afraid of expressing their thoughts. There is so much information on any particular topic that it’s hard for us to be “sure” of anything. As you mentioned, there are so many thoughts and options and “facts”…[Read more]

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