• eric replied to the topic More Guns in the forum Conversations 3 years, 3 months ago

    I have always wanted a hand gun for home defense. Except I can’t justify the cost spent on the weapon, training, and maintenance. How many books or online education course can I buy instead of spending the money to be a responsible gun owner for something that statistically I will never need? Maybe if I had a family and lived in a rural area I could justify it. I suspect many in my generation feel the same way. Our focus has shifted to thinking about the environment and healthcare from fear of the Soviets or a British invasion. And you can’t try to scare us into thinking Obama is a secret ISIS member.

    Of course I m totes okay with the idea of owning handguns, hunting rifles, and have a conceal carry permits. I would go so far as to say we should have training classes in public schools that deal with gun safety.

    So long as there are limits on ammo capacity and fire rates, unless you get a permit to own them. If you want an AR-15, have it. I will of course continue to enjoy the handful of NRA supporters continue to dig themselves deeper into a hole. I hope to live long enough to see those articles headlined ‘How the NRA and 2nd Amendment Activists Destroyed Gun Culture’

    All of this would go away if they conceded to an online registry and limits on ownership of select weapons that can inflict ‘mass carnage.’ It isn’t like we enacted prohibition in light of all these drunk-driving deaths. Nobody banned cigarette despite them being a direct cause of the current health crisis. Not to mention fast-food and sugary drinks.

    But I do enjoy this so very much. I can little convey in words the joy I get watching the fear-mongering, which I think millennials happily mock, that will inevitable lead to the destruction of the 2nd amendment and the NRA collapsing in on themselves when public opinion forces them to try and negotiate terms while backed into a corner.

    Now, since Dems won’t be taking the House in this election, and this is macabre to say, when Dems do run the government again we’ll have to see what the next mass-murder is and without strong GOP leadership we’ll see what kind of executive order is put into place. I image it would be sweeping and force a lot of groveling to get things repealed.

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