• eric replied to the topic More Guns in the forum Conversations 3 years, 3 months ago

    @weenis Yea, something like 60% of gun deaths are suicide. 80% of the remaining 40% could be related to gang related crimes. So a very small portion are other factors.

    The problem is that 1 person can kill multiple people in a short period of time with relative ease. You never had to of picked up a gun before to intentionally commit a mass shooting, or your family. Then I have to think about what is the benefit of guns to society and what do people have a right to?

    Just like people who kill themselves slowly over decades of scarfing down McDonald’s and diet coke, I don’t think we need to ban burgers, but I do see more opportunities to limit salts, certain fats, and tax sugar. Or like cars and airbags, or standard backup cameras, or fuel economy standards. Hell, 25% of global deaths are related to environmental factors, namely pollution. I don’t want to shut down the global economy, but I sure as shit want it regulated so that when shit happens at least we can say we tried, and when we don’t we admit we didn’t do enough even if nothing changes.

    We don’t try with guns. I know we don’t because I keep hearing the same people claim that guns have nothing to do with violence. I know the government isn’t allowed to fund gun violence research. More important is we don’t know how many guns exist and who has them. Frankly I wouldn’t give a shit if we had done a better job from the start keeping them from flooding the streets.

    But I do get great joy from reading about people spending their meager savings to buy more weapons every time someone proposes gun legislation. The gun manufacturers are laughing their asses off as their profits skyrocket. The NRA gets richer as those companies pour money into legislative efforts. And those people with a stockpile of weapons have absolutely nothing. Nobody is going to invade or try to take anything from them. They will never fire their weapon. So to that extent, I would love some regulation limiting how many they can purchase so maybe they will buy a book or read a newspaper instead.

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