• eric replied to the topic What would you do if everything you know is wrong? in the forum Conversations 3 years, 2 months ago

    I don’t expect to see elephants in space, singing. Still, I am wrong plenty. The key is to want to want to be wrong. When you start by asserting X is true because I want it to be or it appeals to my biases, then failure seems inevitable.

    So perceptions are a fuck-all of a thing, but evidence grounds many of our more wild assertions about what reality is and isn’t. Leaving room for the possibility of something that is seemingly fantastical is always on the table (like an anchor weight flowing up stream into a faucet), so long as evidence supports the initial claim.

    What would I do? Nothing different. I guess there might be a jolt once I figure out that I’ll be spending eternity in an ice box.

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