• eric replied to the topic What would you do if everything you know is wrong? in the forum Conversations 3 years, 3 months ago

    @jear77 Maybe I phrased it wrong, but I am alluding more to the idea that I accept any new information when presented and will change my views so long as that information suitably meets my criteria. Likewise, I am always looking to know the counterpoints of my own views so that when challenged I am able to better argue my position. Or better still, I find that my position was weak and that I should give it up.

    So if you told me my reality was a lie, could cite examples and point me to people who have either confirmed or denied your initial claim, I would have no choice but to decide using the best information currently available that yes, my reality is probably a lie to some extent. While also being skeptical that the information may at some point be found invalid.

    Most people (hyperbole) find a view that suits them, they become staunch defenders of it, and will demonstrate a total apathy towards trying to understand the opposing viewpoint or accept where their position is faulty. Or misrepresent that differing view to the benefit of themselves.

    It is more about not clinging and suffocating under your own ideas or positions in the world. You can have a strong beliefs or opinions so long as you know aspects of it may are likely very wrong. This helps by cutting out pointless arguments where people will try to stop, say environmental regulations by stating God created the world and thus man can have no impact on its future. Despite strong – yet flawed – evidence to the contrary.


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