• eric replied to the topic Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God in the forum Conversations 3 years, 3 months ago

    @weenis Well now, the last time you posted about global warming – which I and others continually note is not a scientific term and never has been – you went to a non-credible source that basically filtered a credible source (NASA) to misinterpret evidence and spin yarn about ‘how the hippies got it wrong’ to get clicks on their website. When in fact the original research only further solidified the fact that man-made pollution does have an impact on global and in no way ‘cools the planet.’ Unless you think that opening your refrigerator door is ‘cooling the planet.’ Which is just silly.


    For reference ^

    I have a lot of evidence to support the fact that I’ve always cared about evidence.”

    Partially true. In all of your posts you do use evidence by definition of what evidence is, however your sources tend to be non-credible.

    So I do believe you care about evidence that supports your own biases, which itself is evidence of your non-credibility.

    How are you doing today, Weenis!?

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