• eric replied to the topic SORRY WORLD… in the forum Conversations 2 years, 11 months ago

    @weenis I guess I mean that ultimately it didn’t matter that he said grab them by the pussy. People Asupporting him despite what he said doesn’t mean they condone sexual assault, rather they agree its not okay and therefore it should be disregarded – a slight to PC culture and how being PC tends to influence the conversation more than, say, economics which was a huge selling point by Trump. Groups of people see PC culture as being bad, which is shooting liberals in the foot. Yet, how can they sit on their pedestal if they don’t decry every single thing they don’t agree with!?

    There’s Hillary, Huma, Weiner, and Bill… and you call Trump a sexual deviant? And let me guess, you’re all for sex outside of marriage, and LGBT rights, and yet… none of that is deviant sexual behavior?

    I was speaking generally and largely being sensational. I have no evidence (aside from woman’s claims) of what Trump did or didn’t do. I don’t support marriage of any kind. I’ll let Trump speak to LGBTQ support during his RNC speech to Republicans. I recognize that Trump cares little for religion, not that his supporters care; another spectacular surprise! But this has been a fascinating election. I also don’t ascribe to labels, so claiming the LGBT title doesn’t really interest me.

    Well, our man Trump supports the LGBTQ community. Go him! Or not, I guess. Who knows with liberals.


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