• eric replied to the topic SORRY WORLD… in the forum Conversations 2 years, 9 months ago

    @weenis Tag me when they update the tally and you have the evidence to support the claim that: “Your views… they’re not the norm. They’re aberrant.”

    I had to look up aberrant. I learned a word!

    The electoral college is needed to create a fair representation of all of America. If we had popular vote alone, about a dozen large cities would determine the entire thing.

    So your initial argument by showing the map was?

    Liberal viewpoints are isolated, but we aren’t voting based on how much each district fills up the map (many of those red regions only house a few hundred or thousand people), which I am inferring was your initial claim by showing a map with lots of red, which at this point – based on evidence – does not support the notion that Clinton’s views are not the norm. At the very least blue voters are the majority and I would argue are the norm.

    I suspect that if Trump lost the electoral college, but won the popular vote, your argument would support that. As I am sure Dems are doing right now.

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