• eric replied to the topic SORRY WORLD… in the forum Conversations 2 years, 11 months ago

    I’ll simply add that:

    A) Liberals get too focused on social issues and forget that politics are about a lot of things. What Trump says is a small piece of a larger puzzle. Being a sexual deviant is not a clear indicator of his ability to, say, implement economic reform. To add to that, Clinton being a white woman did not impress latino or black voters – a clear indicator that white democrats, for all of their bluster about raising minority communities, haven’t really accomplished enough to earn their respect (this will be important in 2020 when Kanye West runs and wins – also a major slight to over-privileged, outspoke SWJ who claim to be pillars of ethnic communities that simply aren’t)

    B) Democrats were wrong not to push Bernie ahead – The world is currently undergoing a massive shift from what we call “post-cold war” economic / policy / what have you; post climate change / clean energy overall / etc. The outsider, we see now, was always going to win. Yes, this election did change everything about elections.

    C) Trump is a once-democrat that entered the race as an independent, was forced to become a republican, and has many moderate views on the world (he openly supports the LGBT community). What is important, is that Trump does not support far-right conservatives. Time will tell, but I have little doubt that many sobering moments will come for Trump. The country will see that 80% of his campaign was about manipulating rural, white collar voters to support him, but ultimately he has no interest in building walls, deporting anyone, or banning abortion – my opinion. What good may come will be in those policies that do benefit the economy and health care.

    and finally…

    D) The world isn’t ending. We have been through this 45 times now with a lot more at stake. If you dislike the “established elite,” well, you don’t have a lot of choices. Trump was it. I suspect many millennials turned to trump. Time will tell how Trump performs, whether congress stops him at every turn, and if he can keep office after 2020 (this include the House which will be in play due to redistricting, I am told.)

    So, we can expect the worst, but it’s over know. Trump acknowledged Hillary’s service (won’t be going to jail – this point will surely piss off some of his supporters – read: 2020), he will meet with Obama at the White House tomorrow, the transition of power will occur, and we will finally see whether he can bring together the entire nation, dismantle the “elites,” and make this country better off than before.

    If he botches it. That is his legacy. I feel that G W Bush botched it, and 8 years later we are back to normal. If the next 4-8 goes awry, well, let’s hope someone else can do the same.

    One more add, if Clinton did win office, it would be Obama in the sense that nothing would change due to a gridlocked GOP-controlled Senate and House. At least now, there may be some fraction of hope that things could start going right. Though the supreme court nominee is worrying, I can’t predict whether he’ll go moderate or conservative. Part of me says, he’ll go moderate as a show of good faith *fingers crossed*


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