• eric replied to the topic SORRY WORLD… in the forum Conversations 2 years, 9 months ago

    @gina4peas Some would agree that we should switch to a popular vote. It would make things 100% easier and make much more sense. But that isn’t how the electoral college works. Obama won the popular vote in 2012, and now Clinton won it in 2016. Trump won because of the electoral college. I doubt the GOP will look to switch it up if the electoral college is their only way to the White House. Alternatively, I can see Dems pushing for a popular vote switch. I think popular vote makes more sense.

    Likewise I think we need national voter registration¬†rules. It should not be state based. But there again, that would benefit Democrats. I really don’t know the steps to make that change, but I doubt any of it is easy. Probably would require control of the Supreme Court, Senate, House, and White House. To that I say: Good fucking luck.

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