• I never thought I would live to see the wheel’s of Ezekiel, but I did, I have, and I do. And, not in the metaphoric form in which he saw it.

    That, would have to top the list. That, and seeing Jim Morrison transfigure.

    Never really thought about modern technology, otherwise. I mean, I was in computers in 82, and we had a sort of pre-internet…[Read more]

  • @Scarlett I watched the old Twilight Zone episodes… used to have a tshirt for the show, as a kid. I have a deep infinity for the show. As you could probably guess from talking to me.

    It is the twilight zone.

  • Communism is just another rip off of Christianity, and is born from the socialist Christian ground where it sprung up. Preaching a message of deliverance to the poor, it is painfully obvious.

    Nuclear families of robots are strict ‘do this, don’t do that’ lifestyles. They have no love beyond kin and kind, because they have no real love, at all.…[Read more]

  • I basically see us as androids. I view free will as an illusion. People operate according to programming instructions given to them by society. God controls their preferences. These are their preferences. To live by a robotic ‘do this, do not do that’ code. Exactly like programming code. (I would know.)

    They only believe what they want to…[Read more]

  • People do have evidence of God. But, that does not mean they understand the ramifications. This is why they took the teachings of Jesus and used them for their own ends: modern Democracy, Islam, Nazism, Communism, all three branches of Christianity, and so on.

    They understand Jesus is God in the flesh, but that does not mean they actually…[Read more]

  • Watching Westworld, Season 2. Delicious.

    • the last thing I watched was a show called Casual on Hulu. Also watch the marvelous mrs maisle on amazon prime, as well as old twilight zone episodes

      • @Scarlett I watched the old Twilight Zone episodes… used to have a tshirt for the show, as a kid. I have a deep infinity for the show. As you could probably guess from talking to me.

        It is the twilight zone.


  • Watching Westworld, Season 2. Delicious.

  • @griz “But it may be more akin to letting them struggle to their feet; to fall and pick themselves back up; to exercise the competency to fly away from the nest.”

    Basically, how I was raised. How I am raised.

    But, at the same time, I am not left alone. Constantly trained, advised. Just have to figure things out, though, too.

    “What may…[Read more]

  • I just got off a forum, where a “fan” goes around spreading disinformation about their supposed hero. What is their thing. I know what it is. Vultures. They put down other people, good people, to make themselves look good. That is what they feed on. It is a primary principle of matters.

    They aren’t a friend, they aren’t a fan. They are a…[Read more]

  • I do not know… like, what do you mean? I prefer a relatively routine schedule, but tend to engage highly dynamic topics, intellectually and emotionally, through the day and night.

    I vape… trying to reduce caffeine these days.

    I like the smoke, goes with writing and thinking, for me, at times.

  • The reason it spreads so well and can become so powerful in a democracy, well… consider how many of our politicians operate. They make telling people what they want to hear, into a science. Truth does not

    • I think it follows the Biblical model of “flesh vs the spirit”.

      The “flesh” has the most to do with our feelings. And people in the flesh tend to up-vote things that massage their feelings in the moment.

      And while “the spirit” isn’t exactly “the intellect”, I think it has to do with seeing a bigger picture, seeing things clearly and exercising a kind of critical analysis that isn’t shanghaied by feelings.

      Feelings are a part of us, even as “the flesh” in the Biblical context is a part of us. And operating in “the spirit” means that we can have the feelings . . . without the feelings having us.

      Which makes us variably immune to those who are trying to get “our feelings to have us” . . . so they can better control us.

  • @griz can you go into detail on what you mean by hierarchies of competence?

    On US, yes, it is the best of it, but there are elements that are the worst of it. I hate communism, islamism, nazism, tyranny… but we have a real tyranny here next to the woman clothed with the sun. Those negative elements will destroy themselves, however. Best to just…[Read more]

  • @griz hahaha… oh, i so hate nietzche these days, but have to hand it to the guy, he had some daring and innovative ideas.

    But, yep, nothing we can do, but sit around and try and be happy while these folks destroy themselves.

  • I think, it is quite clear, we can not have a truly functional ‘free world’, until some massive, “corporate” institutions, immaterial institutions, are taken down. I do not think this is possible by humans.


    • That’s like asking a participant in some incredibly long race who has never seen the finish line, what it looks like and how to improve it!

      Until such wisdom might fall upon us, the best realization of freedom would perhaps have to be the best freedom we can realize on the most dimensions across this particular foot-fall.

      My thought is that it would have to be something metaphysical — because we already know that the physical has boundaries, and what the most pernicious of them is.

      And it would have to be capable of some sort of renewing of the mind as hinted at by Christ (The Spirit) or Nietzsche (The Ubermensch).

      • @griz hahaha… oh, i so hate nietzche these days, but have to hand it to the guy, he had some daring and innovative ideas.

        But, yep, nothing we can do, but sit around and try and be happy while these folks destroy themselves.

        • @five2one
          Well, there’s something to be said for being in their midst and demonstrating NOT destroying oneself.

          (With responses in-line with what Christ experienced: all the way from gathering to listen when they like what you’re sharing to “Crucify him” when they don’t!)

    • Jesus Christ.

    • 3 words: post scarcity society

      • @Jear77
        Perhaps no such think in this incarnation.

        Because even if there is no scarcity of “objects”, there will be scarcity of “agency” (freedom, liberty).

        Remember, the Avengers kicked Loki’s butt when he proffered this to the world.

        So pick your “scarcity”.

        • @griz the point about the Avengers and Loki is they knew the endless stuff would be illusion. Growing up, i read a series of books by Piers Anthony called *The Incarnations of Immortality* in which beings such as mother esrth, the personification of death… even god and the devil were replaced. In it people wwre selling their souls a drop of blood at a time for a buffet, and the reality of the situation is that they were eating garbage. Similarly in Disney’s Aladdin, it’s theorized that all those people and animals the genie created were actually transformes flies. A *true* post scarcity society wouldn’t be based on illusion

          • griz replied 1 week ago

            I wonder if you can ever accept that what happened to you is what I classify as “religious abuse”, where they use actual snippets of the bible to give a false impression of of the concept of God?

            Regarding “illusion”, one could have this mean almost anything one wants. For example, if “everyone is living an illusion” (or even a delusion??), mine is one of the finest I’ve ever “tried on” (and I’ve tried on a few).
            Whereas I get the impression you would “sell your soul” for an advantage.

            Here’s another thought.
            What if “reality” in the present context, is merely the illusion that we act upon with the conviction it is real? In that regard we are truly “creative” (in God’s image). We have that power, but we can re-direct it as we please (freedom).
            So if that “divine image” involves your enemies laying dead at your feet, you have the freedom to make it so. If it involves taking advantage of others when they’re not looking/paying attention to their shit, you can make that so too.

            BUT, there are both over-arching and under-pinning structures (realities, narratives) in place. And they spin off consequences into multiple “streams”. And the poor man who thinks he can leave himself without a leg to stand on still falls on his butt and wants to call gravity a tyrant!

            We have TREMENDOUS ability to “create” a reality for ourselves and those around us that can be both “more heavenly” and “more hellish” that we currently have. And that’s huge.
            To argue and excuse it away, is perverse.

            • @griz if this life, what we see here were truly an illusion, we’d do ourselves an infinitely huge favor by killing ourselves… and anyone we could take with us to free ourselves (and them) of it. It would be the MOST compassionate thing to do. But it’s not. And we’ve had this discussion before. You really don’t believe. Anything who did would be anxious, chomping at the bit to rid themselves of the here and now. You say the here and now is important… but remember the time scale: in eternity nothing can make a difference, because all actions, all possible actions… and the ripple effects are fully known. To a god that knows all, he cares nothing, because to care would indicate uncertainty.

              • griz replied 1 week ago

                “Only that day dawns to which we are awake” Thoreau,

                If now is the dream we are slowly awakening from to the unlimited conscious awareness of Eternity, what can come forth from a hellish dream other than a hellish eternity?

                If we somehow create the Eternal reality we will exist in, why make it hellish?

                And if the now is the penultimate reality, why not make it as Heavenly as possible?

                • @griz you don’t need any of the bible’s concepts, concerns, rules, or worship of a diety to make the world better for yourself. That is a fallacy.

                  • @Jear77
                    I’m disappointed in you. Are you saying you spent as much time as you’ve asserted with your head in the Bible studying it, and you don’t understand the difference between a dispensation of rules and a dispensation of Grace?

                    You need the concepts more desperately than anyone I’ve met in quite a while. The worship of Life wouldn’t hurt you either, because you’ve turned into a worshiper of death. And that cannot end well.

                    The religious concept of God?

                    Yea, you could let that one go, and probably be better for it.

                    • @griz grace… i know the acronym. God’s riches at Christ’s expense. The problem is that god foreknew… grace is a meaningless concept when it comes to omniscience. Why the game? You knew who would accept the gift, who would not. Don’t come to me saying it’s a gift when it’s basically been predetermined. If not directly, then tangentially. Some people might argue that it’s a paradox, but when it comes to such all encompassing knowledge, it matters nothing provided god could do something about it, i.e. the saul-paul conversion.

                      • @Jear77
                        The problem comes when the acronym is all we know. Genuine study is intended to get beyond such superficials.

                        Because we are not omniscient, Grace is a perfectly acceptable level of analysis. (Be wary of the delusion that we can judge something that we are not and have never been. Ponder, yes. Condem, not so much)

                        Why the game as you call it? Because that is how we as a species learn. Inspiration to enacted representation to articulation to free voluntary instantiation – Piaget iirc). Maturity simply means we learn through more complex and less simplistic games than children.

                        Everyone’s epiphany into a fuller adult maturity that is greater than just self will be different. Playing epiphany comparison games will arguably do more to retard the process than help it along.

                        As will the constant quest for responsibility fault and blame in everyone except self.

                        • @griz remember god, if it exists, is supposedly omniscient. Of what problems creating a species with innate (natural, gene based) that had no need to learn, a form of omniscience of its own? I see none. That’d totally eliminate half or more of the game. A cornerstone of knowing everything would be the status of their salvation.

                          • @Jear77
                            Not being omniscient ourselves, we only have speculative imagination (if free-thinking), or ideology (if possessed).

                            Neither are a suitable foundation for performing this task with any kind of scientific certainty.

                            So we’re back to what we will choose to do with this moment to make tomorrow either more Heavenly or more hellish.

                            • @griz and how can one use scientific inquiries to obtain information about one’s own salvation?

                              • @Jear77
                                We’ve talked about this before.
                                It’s the same “proof” one finds for the wisdom of relationship. There is no equation. You cannot stick it in a test-tube and reduce it component elements.

                                You participate in one. And then another. And so do millions of others. And a pattern forms. Then comes a clinical consensus. Processes that work are reiterated through time — perhaps even as part of our DNA over many cycles of evolution. The things that work, tend to remain. The things that don’t, go extinct.

                                And our not liking something with some archetypal umph, or not successfully running the experiment in our own life, is no kind of proof. Lack of success or failure to launch, is no kind of proof. It is simply a failing, that we can then work to climb on top of, or get buried under.

                                Here’s a thought. You get SO much wrong about the model of Christ’s teachings on such a regular basis . . . isn’t it feasible that despite all the years of study you say you devoted to it, you got it wrong because the model and the understanding if it was wrong?

                                Try baking a complex pastry with the wrong directions and see how that goes. And we’re talking here about something FAR more complex than a pastry.

                                • @griz the problem is in order to consider such a thjng in a million years i need to know exactly what I am getting, outside vague language. I need the one thing i will never get: a iron-clad contract with every single possible situation covered, no loopholes, no wiggle room, so if i don’t get my end of the bargain, i can say “look, this piece here isn’t being fulfilled! God is in breach of contract”

                                  • @Jear77
                                    Is the next month spelled out that clearly? The next week?

                                    The next day?

                                    If a belief system requires such silly justification it is a silly belief system.

                                    I understand how it can become super charged with regrets and bitterness. But that’s all the more reason to strive to escape such silly ideologies.

                                    • @griz no. Literally every noment of my existence from that moment forward. if you had something that told you where to go, what to do, wouldn’t that make your life easier if you couldn’t figure out what to do next?

                                      • @Jear77
                                        It would make your life not yours but someone else’s.

                                        It’s profound how some crave a controlling tyrant. And then rail at a controlling tyrant!

                                        Holy shit Jear!!

                                        Take a few steps back from your victim hood ideology and take a look at yourself.

                                        • @griz that is *exactly* what Christianity teaches. We are NOT our own. If you understand this you should seek to leave the participation with such a deity…

                                          • @Jear77
                                            Do a study in the concept of the bond servant.

                                            You are far less “your own”, than I am. And I have far more power in my destiny than you do.

                                            I serve because I choose to. Because I can see the greater value in it for everyone.

                                            And that’s an awesome freedom.

                                            Something worth participating in.

                                            It sure the hell better than playing the perpetual victim. :wink:

                                            • @griz you say you’re free, yet there are things you can’t do because of your beliefs, because you believe that there’ll be consequences. I on the other hand am free to anything i please and see no consequences because i chose there to be none. Why? “ALL things are permitted!”

                                              • @Jear77
                                                It’s more like I know there will be consequences that would render me silly to go there. But even in this, I can choose to be silly should I wish it.
                                                Freedom does not equal irresponsibility: and actually might even be a “consequence” of the proper taking up of responsibility.

                                                Again with the verse-snippets??
                                                Are you able to complete that verse you started?

                                                (If not, I’ll complete it in my next response. But it would be wiser for you to self-correct the misrepresentation).

                                                • @griz all things are all things. Anything less than that makes god a liar. I care nothibg whether it’s beneficial or not!

                                                  • @Jear77
                                                    But the verse you are trying to misuse makes a strong correlation between those two things. (Permissibility and beneficiality [within the context of Paul’s letter]).

                                                    And strongly implies a consequence: being mastered or pwned.

                                                    And hey: perhaps by in intellect-consuming ideology? (As good a time as any to bring Nietzsche into the conversation. Even though he was an outspoken critic of organized Christian religion, he accurately foresaw the lunacy of ideologies that would result from ‘God’s demise’ as people tried to fill the transcendent void with things just temporal.)

  • I think, of anything, the most sound system of government, of every type of economy, be it monetary or artistic, material or spiritual, is a Democracy type system: but in the flesh, it will never work. As we are,

    • By that metric, no system will ever work.

      So in an imperfect world we have to go with the best imperfect system that has ever been found to date: a democratic free-market system recognizing the sanctity of the individual, as we have in the West.
      It’s imbued sufficient rights on the individual to produce a system that has made drastic inroad into reducing world abject poverty . . . by 50% just between 2000 and 2013.

      It has its flaws. Most critical seems to be the same flaws the ancient Egyptians, the enuma elish and the Christian Bible outline: that Order coming forth out of the primordial Chaos creates habitable space, but that such Order is prone to the corruption of self-blindness resulting in that “Order” being chopped up and evil ruling . . . unless “a hero” of sufficient light and vision can constantly rejuvenate the system unto continued functionality.

      Oh, and that the nature of any “value” is to create hierarchies of competence for said value and that people don’t just climb up, they fall down the hierarchies and become dispossessed.

      I’m not sure by what metric you’re trying to classify this system as “the most dangerous and destructive possible” — unless you are speaking of things like nuclear bombs, one of our creations gaining sentience and destroying us, or eugenics. But let’s remember that any system that gains power and riches starts down this path.

      And there have been almost entirely toxic and destructive experiments like collectivist marxism that have, in very short order, produced concentrated atrocity upon everyone who endorsed them save for a ludicrously-small elect group. (But then the social experiment that supported them collapsed in just a few decades, so it turns out it was destructive upon them too!).

      What we currently have, despite its problems, is the best we’ve achieved in all recorded Human History.

      • @griz can you go into detail on what you mean by hierarchies of competence?

        On US, yes, it is the best of it, but there are elements that are the worst of it. I hate communism, islamism, nazism, tyranny… but we have a real tyranny here next to the woman clothed with the sun. Those negative elements will destroy themselves, however. Best to just stay back.

        Take up to the mountains.

        Not that you aren’t.

        I think everyone here sees those bad elements. It is a product of the strong forces of the world in society operating like a singular entity, a chaotic force of destruction not possible in more simple forms of tyranny.

  • I think, that, part of my “curse” is that I see so much. When I was younger, I was far more ignorant of the things going on around me. And people. Now, that I am older, that curtain has been removed. I noticed, in

  • @griz “Actually I was raised Protestant and freedom in Christ is a major feature of the belief system.

    Maybe you are thinking of the Calvinists?”

    No. Martin Luther, “Bondage of the Will”…


    “Even the ancient Egyptians knew the rigid dogmatic belief system would corrupt and ossify…[Read more]

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