• Any superpower, you choice. What would you do?

    Invisibilty… immortality… flying… bulletproof… superstrength … able to shrink or grow…

    • we already have super powers. you just need to tap in and find out what it is.

      “Everyone’s special. And when everyone’s special, no one is” – Rick Sanchez

    • Got a theory here –

      Autistic people have a SUPER POWER. It’s an advanced “intelligence” way beyond what we understand.

      But we, the ‘regular humans who don’t have autism’ are not sophisticated or advanced enough to properly interact. We think its the autistic that cannot communicate with us – but in reality that theory is reversed.

      What say you?

    • I have the power to turn my morning cup of coffee into urine !!!! What do I do with my power? Pee, of course.

  • I watch tv, play video games, and like to posr online counseling ppl in distress. What are your hobbies?

    • Running my businesses takes most of my time, but these are my ‘hobbies’

      mountain biking and hiking
      keeping myself and my dogs active
      starting to read Buddhist ideas

      I am very much a “home body” – but being outside in the fresh air is mandatory

      traveling never been my thing –

    • @five2one

      no offense but all the TV and screen time and being online can’t be good for you. this is one reason I think you are comparing yourself to others. you need to find out more about us, because it is validation to you that you matter or belong, or you’ve been accepted (likes, followers, etc)

      “Eye strain and headaches. Insomnia and poor sleep. Social media addiction, because social media tools can be psychologically detrimental — with more people seeking external validation that leads to more depression and self-confidence issues.” – from Scripps.org

      you need to like YOU for YOU – not because we will like you, that shouldn’t matter. think about it, if you (or me) fell off the face of the planet NO ONE ON THIS SITE would lose any sleep. its just the way it is.

      p.s. your real hobbies should include your family.

    • I grow vegetables in a garden that is in buckets, because the soil here is not good for growing in. By growing in buckets, I can easily move any plant that is not getting proper light, or sun. I can rescue any plant burning in the sun and heat. Immortal Pirate has built me a really great greenhouse for my gardening.

      I also built a seaside line-up of stores and buildings in miniature with furnishings that can be seen through every window. A string of lights go from building to building to light each window. This is on the “dock” on the other side of the Pirate Ship that Immortal Pirate built —- that almost fills the whole dining room.

      • @ladybarbara what grows best in the heat?

        • @Fletch Everything hates the heat. Sooooo, the growing season cannot last into the Summer months. In “normal” places, like California, planting season is in February, or March. In Arizona, anything planted in March will burn up, dry up, and die in the April and June heat. August is the magic Arizona planting month here. Seeds planted in August will be able to grow and mature. Planting in August will give me a harvest in December. I will also get a September planting, to be harvested in January. Then, I get an October planting that can be harvested in February. I can squeeze in one more planting in October, for harvesting in March and April. Then the sun gets too hot for anything to grow. Having a Greenhouse makes it nice for growing all year around, as long as I protect the plants from the sun.

          In June, I harvest the last of all vegetables. I paint the bottom of the fruit trees with white paint to protect them from burning in the Summer sun. I also make a cover of mesh cloth to help shade and protect the fruit trees from burning in the sun. The fruit trees flower in January, leaf out in February, start fruit in March, and have to be protected from the sun if the fruit has not ripened by June. My trees are in those half wine cask planters. That limits how tall they can grow, but the neighbors get all hinkity-pickity if the trees are over 6 feet high —- and God forbid, hang over on their side of the fence with (insert dramatic music here) fruit that they can pick from their side. My trees are: Two different avocado trees, navel orange, a bitter orange, fig, plum, lemon, peach, apricot, and nectarine. I keep them pruned to keep them small. I have rows of tomato plants that give tomatoes all year long. They are in double-buckets along the drip line of the roof and in the shade, so the heat will not burn them. I have lines of asparagus in pots, in a cage, that give asparagus sprouts all year long. However, I need to protect them from drying out in the sun and will construct an awning over them. Then I can sing this song, as I harvest asparagus: ” This is the awning of the cage of asparagus, the cage of asparagus. As-par-a-gus!”

    • This is the seaside “dock” village.

    • Evidently, I post pictures sideways.

    • In my seaside village, my favorite little shop is the bakery, where I have teeny-tiny bakery goods displayed in the window.

    • Building musical instruments…

    • Building artillery…

    • Ship building

    • Pillaging and plundering…

    • @immortal_pirate – ever tried “building” a watch?

      • @Fletch I see that Immortal Pirate is not answering this. I am sure it is because with all his pre-surgical tests, he is not even visiting SoulSequel. A watch is not something he would try to build. A watch is not a blacksmithing project, nor is it a carpentry project. He has to wear reading glasses since his operation on his eyes. His far sight is 20/20 but he needs reading glasses for reading. He doesn’t do small intricate work required in watchmaking. He builds with wood. He builds stringed instruments, like a violin and guitars.

      • @Fletch No, I’ve never tried building a watch…although I have stood watch many times. Mid-watch aboard ship, fire watch when our ship was in dry dock and ship yard welders were working, and suicide watch when I worked at the prison. Time (and time pieces) have relatively little meaning to immortals…aside from navigation, where a time piece is only a tool to facilitate accurate navigation and relative speed.

  • five2one commented on the post, Flat Earthers 1 month ago

    That would be an interesting conversation, unfortunately i don’t believe that.

  • @ladybarbara is the leader of this sect supposed to be the second coming of Christ?

  • @Fletch i believe him, i believe in him because of what he said and did. I like his teachings better than anyone else’s.

  • A mythical figure, a good person, God in the flesh… who? And what can you say about Jesus?

    • Here’s my take:

      No one knows. He was probably just a guy.

      Proof is always a good thing.

      • @Fletch i believe him, i believe in him because of what he said and did. I like his teachings better than anyone else’s.

        • @five2one but you don’t really KNOW what ‘he said and did’ because all those stories have been passed down and translated over and over again

          remember the kids game where you tell a story and then it gets retold down the line, and it ends up being a totally different story?

          As the Bard wrote – ‘therein lies the rub’

    • He existed. His teachings seem to be Buddhist, and so he was teaching Buddhism to the Jews. Where did he learn about Buddhism??? Where was he in his youth??? I have no idea. His teachings became the Christian Faith.

      He is said to have died on the cross, after horrible punishments for his teachings, and for not saying that he was the king of the Jews. The “King of the Jews” title belongs only to King David. But Jesus would not say that he was the king of the Jews. Therefore, he was beaten and punished, then made to carry his cross to the place where he was hung on the cross to die.

      He supposedly died and was removed from the cross and entombed. He was carefully washed and wrapped in a shroud. A stone was rolled over the door of the tomb to close it. After three days, Mary Magdalen visited the tomb and found it open and Jesus was gone. She spoke to a man said to be Jesus, but she did not recognize him as Jesus. Then, for 40 days, Jesus hung out and appeared to his apostles while the gathered in hiding, while they were out fishing, and he walked on the water. Then they saw him arise into the sky. He is believed to be the very Son of God. He is waiting —- wherever —- and it is said that he will return to separate the sheep from the goats —- among the people. Then, he will lead the people for 1000 years.He will return as The Glory of God.

      It was predicted that he would return in 1844. Many figured it out. While the world is still waiting for his return, meanwhile, in the land where Jesus was from, the Baha;i Faith began and our founder came in 1844 and is Baha’u’llah —— Which translates to:
      Baha means Glory
      “u” means of
      Allah is God

      Baha’u’llah means The Glory of God. His teachings are like a continuation of the teachings of Jesus. He doesn’t have to hide his teachings in parables, as Jesus had to do. So, the teachings of Baha’u’llah (Glory of God) are translated into plain language and easy to understand.

      Is Baha’u’llah the return of Jesus?

      I don’t really know for sure.

      • @ladybarbara is the leader of this sect supposed to be the second coming of Christ?

        • @five2one That is what the hard-core Baha’is think. But, I sit back and see. I don’t look at the world with rose-colored glasses. I will live my life as a good person and when I die I will see if it was the right path. If there is no God, if Jesus was just a man that was a good teacher, and if Baha’u’llah was just a man who believed in equality of women and education being good for the advancement of humans, and justice being the best of all things —– and he survived 40 years of prison for those beliefs (because he was teaching this in a Muslim society, who believed that anyone who believed those things deserved death.) If Baha’u’llah’s message was false, then I will not have lost anything by following. I don’t think we can go wrong by living a peaceful life and being kind. Do I believe that Baha’u’llah is the return of Jesus? Well, I guess I am a doubter. I look at the fruits of that Baha’i tree and see only goodness coming from equality, education, justice, love of mankind, and peace. Jesus taught the same lessons and so I believe in following them.
          Baha’u’llah also taught that your body will serve you better if you don’t abuse it with mind altering drugs and chemicals.

    • The Son of the living God…
      The Christ…
      The Sacrificial Lamb…
      The King of Kings…
      The savior and redeemer…

    • This is Faith — a poem by Ruhiyyih Khanum
      From: Baha’i Songs and Poems

      To walk where there is no path,
      To breathe where there is no air,
      To see where there is no light-
      This is Faith.

      To cry out in the silence,
      The silence of the night,
      And hearing no echo believe
      And believe again and again
      This is Faith.

      To hold pebbles and see jewels
      To raise sticks and see forests
      To smile with weeping eyes
      This is Faith.

      To Say: ‘God, I believe’ when others deny,
      ‘I hear’ when there is no answer,
      ‘I see’ though naught is seen-
      This is Faith.

      And the fierce love in the heart,
      The savage love that cries Hidden
      Thou art yet there!
      Veil thy face and mute thy tongue
      Yet I see and hear Thee, Love,
      Beat me down to the bare earth,
      Yet I rise and love Thee, Love!
      This is Faith.

  • Lately, since sobering up and coming to terms with my mental illness (schizophrenia), I have finally been able to find peace. I realized, on doing so, I was never at peace before.

    I had suspicions. I remember

    • For me, at peace means that I have a schedule and my days play out predictably. Even when an event comes up and Immortal Pirate and I have an outing planned, I know that my home schedule will fall into place when we return home. I like to be anchored to my home port. That may be boring to some people, but it is peaceful and reassuring to me.

      Many people are not at peace. They fetter away energy trying to “change” other people to their own way of thinking and living. That is a waste of energy. I simply let people be what they will be, and think what they think. I stay out of their business and I do not need to insult them to bring them down —- so that I can feel better about myself. I attend to my own business and my own bubble world and let the rest of the world be what it is. I am at peace with life.

    • (going to try to re-create my answer – site wiped it out before I could save – this reply is more direct)

      Peace isn’t something you just get to or all of a sudden attain after a few weeks of being sober. We have to earn it by cultivating and tending to it. As in sobriety, there is no ‘cure’, so we (alcoholics) are always in recovery.

      I am still working on my sobriety (25+ years) and am trying to live an enlightened life.

  • @Fletch I actually did not answer your question: I hit rock bottom. That is why I chose sobriety. Ten years of drinking, mostly one long binge. And schizophrenia running wild. I picked up a weapon, while blackout drunk, and threatened someone. That got me a felony charge. That was my rock bottom.

    This was after ten years of drinking… losing…[Read more]

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