• This comes out of a discussion with @georockstar09, and thanks for the thought-fodder!

    Our society very clearly recognizes the value of those who do the leg-work to collect the raw data for studies. But as I

    • I often call my work here (to coworkers, etc, outsiders), as “philosophy”, and that is, to a degree, what it is. Why? Because it is so very hard to believe this – THIS – everything… is a dream in the mind of God. And we know, this is by design.

      So, it is critical to be able to apply the razor double edge of the mind against this “reality”, so as to believe. Not trust. Believe. Believe that those eyes can be made whole. Believe that a midget can be a giant.

      “Knowledge” is worthless. Knowledge of God is inestimable.

      Demons and human mortals drive on empty words, and they call it “knowledge”. It is gibberish. Gibberish of sufficient strength can move the iron legs of giants. But, can it repair what breaks? Can it create? Can it sustain? Can it reverse time? Can it make the blind see.

      Are we bound and blinded by this vast delusion God helped concoct?

      For what purpose to make a world with no faith, a seamless clock with no maker… where faith alone is the rocket fuel for escape.

      Are these dead words to dead ears. Or is there the smallest spark possible – all which is required – to reverse what we used to think. To remember, the tales of old. To know, in our very bones… those were no tales. No, oh no, no they were not.

      They are true stories.

      The Bible.

      And everyone seems to believe — but where, how? Show me. Show me the superheroes fighting for justice against the monsters of injustice.

      They are not found.

      We alone can walk through the watery path of the grave, and come out the other side.

      The baptism of the miraculous, leaving the old world of rock and sand and pharaohs – vast Egypt, their queen – behind.

  • @Georockstar09
    That’s a source of raw information. And you’re right that the cold hard jargon can be a real challenge.
    That is why I like listening to and reading books from intellectuals and philosophers. They fold in the human touch — and also reveal much about their own humanity along the way.

    A variety of sources is important too.…[Read more]

  • @ladybarbara
    It’s so low the water has nowhere to go save up through evaporation. All of the biologial detritus it carries is left behind to rot.

    The Great Salt Lake in Utah is the same, but at a much larger scale. It’s big enough to create it’s own onshore wind that just reeks!

  • @Spitfire3dC
    In my experience, one of the truly pragmatic applications of Christ’s teachings is that we can confront the evil that is inherent in us as many times as we might need to without it becoming an exercise in distraction.
    The idea is that these things are in us, but that the price/consequence has already been taken care of.
    And…[Read more]

  • “And nobody wants that. Really. It’s a terrible thing to confront. And that’s because human beings are terrible creatures. Now I think we’re also absolutely remarkable and wonderful creatures. But we have an

    • I don’t have much around me to be disillusioned with. but as for my own evil, I am reminded of it from time to time. A week ago there were some three-ply stainless steel waterless cookware being sold ( at a hot air balloon festival)—– and part of me smiled at the memory of what the chicken fryer to that set sounds like hitting a skull bone. Bawongggg!!!! Oh, the memory of a day in 1969 when my second husband beat me bloody. I waited for him to go to sleep, carefully sewed the bedsheet around him in a nice cozy cocoon —- so he could not move. Then I let him have it with my three-ply waterless cookware chicken fryer. Bawongggg! Bong! Bawongggg! He had to be hospitalized with a concussion. The marriage was over!!! But, the memory of that sound lingers in my memory. Confronting my own evil. Muhahahahahahah!

      However, I am not that tiny little 22 year old any more. Nowadays, I would call the police and press charges and move far away, posting a restraining order. The evil part of me grew up. I outgrew the drama. Nowadays, I get quiet and leave. I don’t need any drama. Yesterday, Immortal Pirate and I had what sounded like an argument over the fact that we don’t argue or fight, and were not really arguing over not arguing. Maybe we just needed an argument, but the other one doesn’t do anything worth arguing about. Thus, the tense discussion over not arguing.

    • You should constantly confront yourself, everyday, every week.

      Otherwise you are blind, and you god is your stomach.

      I see ppl talk for hell everyday, making a buck for evil.

      Chances are God hates you, unless you are a loving person.

    • Its one of those sad but true statements and one that I believe I confronted a long time ago.

      I have never really got past the judgement of others, but it does take on a new iteration with “maturity”. The judgement of self in relation, and in how it may influence the behaviour of others comes into play.

      It becomes an exhausting exercise in distraction in my opinion. We can try to understand why we behave as we do and try, in some measure, to take corrective action, but what are we really trying to prove? To be better versions of ourselves? Is it real or just portrayed for the benefit of others and maybe to some degree ourselves?

      The core that is us just might remain the same.

      If we are trying to model a behaviour that we judge to be better; what are the real benefits? Do we bury that feeling of cynicism that everyone else sucks and we don’t, as a way to give ourselves a pass? Doesn’t that just make us “evil” in a different way?

      I sometimes wonder if wisdom is worth the price of admission. Existence in its simplest form is actually more rewarding. Living in the moment doesn’t require that we have to deeply interpret every nuance of the sensory experience and the relativity of our influence.

      Calm is where its at. Thinking messes with that.

      • @Spitfire3dC
        In my experience, one of the truly pragmatic applications of Christ’s teachings is that we can confront the evil that is inherent in us as many times as we might need to without it becoming an exercise in distraction.
        The idea is that these things are in us, but that the price/consequence has already been taken care of.
        And then both the deeper examination and correction become an exercise in worship of the One who made this process possible. (And a lot of it happens without our being actually directly aware of it, just as a function of wanting to be the best representation of Christ’s Spirit as we can).
        This also removes the fodder for arrogant pride in the realization that we suck exactly the same as everyone else! And over time it changes from “Ha, ha, I’ve found the way to effectively deal with this” . . . to “there is a way to effectively deal with this”. One that is shared with compassion rather than as an act of competition.

        I don’t know if there’s a gene for insatiable curiosity about how everything works. But if there is, I’ve got it! And so too do many of those who are our species’ “intellectuals”.

        Do I fancy myself as such? Hell, I drive a truck and haul freight! But I do find a lot of times when both an intense curiosity about . . . everything, and calm meditation/existing just in the moment are close neighbours.

        And wisdom is the gate. A rather bittersweet kind of thing actually. Once it’s been opened, one nails it shut at their own great peril.

  • @five2one
    That’s the best “Trinity Theory” theologians currently put forward. It’s . . functional for us at our current level of spiritual participation with the Holy Spirit.

    With me it’s sort of morphed into the acceptance that I am in Spiritual fellowship with an Entity (Energy, Ultimate Archetype?) that is at the same time both…[Read more]

  • @ladybarbara
    I’ve tarped onions on the shores of the Saltan Sea (236 ft below sea level) just as spring was turning to summer.

  • @Georockstar09
    Then James P. Carse’s book I recommended might not be appropriate.

    I would instead recommend reading a newspaper. Biological genetic identity-groups are persistent front-page material, for extremely political reasons.

    It would be wise to remember the number of nations just in the past 100 years that have gone down to…[Read more]

  • I get the feeling you’ve already pre-disqualified me from this discussion!

  • Any discrepancy is mostly a function of undeveloped human perception.

    One of the key functional purposes of “The Incarnation” was to provide vehicle to correct mistaken and often ego-centric perceptions of God. (ie, trying to understand God through us and our instinctive emotionalism: resulting in such reverse-anthropomorphisms as God is…[Read more]

  • @Georockstar09
    Oppression is a core foundational tenant of the socio-political ideologies we are discussing.

    I appreciate your comment about mental illness. I would maintain that mental health like physical health doesn’t “just happen”. And anyone can languish into illness without proper care and protection from toxins.

    Examining the…[Read more]

  • @five2one
    Accusation is not God’s cup of tea.

    That’s been given over to “the Accuser”.

    I take little pleasure in your constructs falling apart like underdone meatloaf soon after you utter them.

    And there’s no slander in the observation that there is still work to be done, both in the conceptual and the applied.

  • @five2one
    I will have to work to express proper adulations for limitations you put upon me from the get-go, in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • @Spitfire3dC
    The need to know is just “knowledge”. And unless knowledge is consummate, it can be dangerous.

    The desire to understand is “wisdom”.

    I would rather be insanely wise than just insanely knowledgeable!

    He does run off on some interesting tangents; but as a way of clarifying the core premise or supposition.
    It’s been observed…[Read more]

  • @Spitfire3dC
    The professor here talks about ideologies as subsets of the human nature that band together and normalize a set of Perceptions and ideas that service them emotionally.
    They can be complementary and in harmony with the overarching reality of Life. Or they can be destructive in discordant to it. The latter caters to selfish…[Read more]

  • @Georockstar09
    Equality dictates that they should be equally required to walk a mile in the man’s shoes.

    I have never maintaines that “oppressions” have not existed.

    Only that committing oppressions to protect the oppressed from oppressors is not just a foolish rationale disconnect, it’s dangerous.

    I’ll have to set aside appropriate…[Read more]

  • @ladybarbara
    And also perhaps because it involved a much-loved Amendment that in the minds of most supersedes all.

  • @five2one
    The one who sets themselves up as righteous judge over all . . , trumps all.

    At least in their own mind for as long as they can keep that game playing.

  • @ladybarbara
    Ha! The trucking industry doesn’t seem to respect (or understand?) the laws of nature. Almost ALL of my forays to the SW involving the hardest prolonged work . . . have happened in June/July/August!

  • @Georockstar09
    I remain very cautious of of assertions of “Just read this book and it will answer all your questions”. That would seem to elevate it to the realm of “sacred text”!
    As for why I don’t just read it? Time — at this juncture in my life. Intelligent works full of rational thought need to be studied and don’t let themselves…[Read more]

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