• Seeing it differently.  Take a famine for example.  It is pretty easy to observe objectively  It didn’t rain.  or  The warlords are at fault for disrupting the humanitarian efforts.  or even  If those people practiced contraception and didn’t have so many children, they would not be in this fix.    To me – those are objective judgments that cou…[Read more]

  • Great question!

    Before deciding who I’m going to believe, first I try to ask myself how much I care about the question itself.

    In the example given, I really don’t care about potential carcinogens in toothpaste much – so I’ll listen to the battling “experts” and roll my eyes.

    But if a dear one is facing cancer, say – then I care a whole whole…[Read more]

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    It is important to be respectful.

    It is important to be open to learning and consider that there are other valid ways, and sometimes even better ways, of doing things – from delivering a baby to conducting a funeral and everything in between.

    It is also important to know yourself and know what lines you will not cross.

    I have lived in many…[Read more]

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