• Kim replied to the topic "Judging a man is easy; compassion is hard." Touched by an Angel in the forum Conversations 4 years, 3 months ago

    Seeing it differently.  Take a famine for example.  It is pretty easy to observe objectively  It didn’t rain.  or  The warlords are at fault for disrupting the humanitarian efforts.  or even  If those people practiced contraception and didn’t have so many children, they would not be in this fix.    To me – those are objective judgments that could well be correct.   It costs me nothing to have these thoughts.  It is easy.

    On the other hand – seeing the photos of the wretched famine victims and feeling their pain to whatever degree I can, remembering my own foodless agony when I was on a DIET, for crying out loud,  seeing a mother’s face how I’d be feeling if my own child were dying before my eyes,  realizing that if I leave them to hurt, then all humanity hurts …. being unwilling to let this go on without doing everything in my power to do something effective to help relieve their suffering,  acting with all my might on this conviction of my solidarity with those victims ….. to me, this is COMPASSION.  And, my friend, if you find that easy, then you are a far better human than I am.

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