• loudinrich replied to the topic Would you say the majority of the people you know are like you? in the forum Conversations 4 years, 5 months ago

    btw, i hope that you never do “mirror” others just to fit in.  you are actually spectacular being you (what i have seen).  you’d lose that spark, not to mention joy, if you tried to be someone else.  when i am called weird, i just answer with a “thank you”

    it is hard knowing that weirdness is passed on to the kids.  most of the time, i see how wonderful they truly are- beautiful gems.  however, at the same time, i know how hard it is being different.  if i can teach my kids to be happy in their uniqueness and revel in their weird then i will feel that i have done well as a parent.  when i see them, i realize what a gift my own weird has been.

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