• Joshua, when facing Moses resurrected as a angel, bowed down before him… asked him whose side he was on.

    What did he respond.

  • The later, yes. Otherwise, to propagate and live. To live. Is why.

  • Jesus Christ crucified for a false crime, resurrected.


    Slaves unfairly enslaved, redeemed by Moses.



    • is that the true story of christ? Think about it: God, according to who and what it is (at least according to the bible) didn’t need to create anything. This being self sufficient in and of itself chose create Lucifer/ Satan, whom he knew would turn evil, chose to create man, who he knew would fall, and instead of accepting sin, he chose (unwisely I might add) from the before time began to sacrifice himself. How is this redemption in the least? This isn’t redemption… this is sickness!

      I would bet you’re @five2one

  • My blog

    But, not about me. You know I am one of you.

    One of your number is me.


    Not tits mcgee.

  • Hah hah. I would love to see this. But, the reverse is true.

    All the fucks here, besides Gina, Stinky, Immortal Pirate, and Weenis… are NOT this way….


    Now, just going by pure honesty… Gina

  • Mmmkay, so first of all, here is my life. My enemies are all dyin while screamin about, and I am totally fucking loving it. Because they are that level of assholes.

    So, while I am watching and listening to

  • Okay. Just to be clear. All the little idiots who spasmed at my major last post, are completely powerless idiots.

    Who was this? Directly, griz, spitfire, jeer, luftballooneyegouge. Indirectly, mamajoy, who

  • Cugh. Yugh. Uggh.

    I have only provided, for now, a VERY darkened image, of my glory. I swear to God, my thirteen year old son makes Lord Byron Nelson and Jim Morrison look fucking ugly. And, if you want…? I

  • Blah blah blah. Blah blah blah.

    Your life sucks so bad compared to mine.

    Or not. It sucks so incredibly bad. And you totally deserve it!


    I would LOVE for you to actually be able to argue scripture. Or any critic. And… does not happen.

    You die, I live. I am not in pain. Should I be?

  • Being loved, by a lot of folks…

    Not listening to guys that lick their own dicks like your self?

  • Again, atheism says fuck you to good responses to criminality… and blessed be to bad responses to bad.

    So, by definition, you love a corrupt and wicked justice system.

  • Norway is not the US, but the US justice system is bad…

    Does not prove your atheism, in fact, the reverse. Atheism says fuck you to good.

  • Blah, blah, blah. Plenty of good immigrants continuing to come here. Plenty of bad.

    Okaying the bad, when that is from Islamist or Communist nations does not make things better. Okaying Islamist nation sentiments as if they are your own and neutral, does bad.

  • Largely meaningless bullshit. White folks want it to mean more, it does not. Best idea is to leave the evil past behind.

  • First, of all, I particulary find everyone here (but gina, stinky, and immoral pirate), as particcculllarrry delicious… because you are SO ego rich.

    Which means: Spitfire, Jeer, Mamajoy, redballlooneyegouge,

    • I don’t need to have my ego massaged. Ego is a mortal construct…
      I will say I get a full body massage at least once a week at the local Massage Envy where I’ve had a membership since 2011. I enjoy a good rub down.

  • So, besides the “other guys” (but gina), being utter fuckoffs, this is why I do not post here. Immortal Pirate & Stinky/Barbarba… looking at you.

    Islam is fucked. And my aim is destroy it.

    I will use

    • Islam is not only a religion, but it is a political ideology. It is used to govern the people of Islam. The Quran dictates that anyone not accepting the laws in the Quran, and the following of Mohammad, shall be put to death. PUT TO DEATH !!! It is not a religion of love and peace. It is a religion of hate for anyone not accepting Sharea Laws, the Quran, and Mohammad. Their aim is to spread Islam throughout the world and have all people believing that others are to be hated and killed for any mistake. If a woman is raped, then SHE IS TO BE PUT TO DEATH. If you don’t bow down and worship Allah, then you are to be killed. I hate that whole concept and the whole religion of Islam. I want those immigrants and refugees that Obama allowed to take root here in America to go back to the shit hole they came from. Don’t come here and try to make our government follow Islamic laws, trying to make America just like the shithole they escaped from.

      EVERYONE WHO LIVES BY THE QURAN WANTS YOU DEAD!!!! If you do not follow their religion and Shari’a Laws, then you are to be slaughtered in the worst way.

      There is no —- understand them and they will understand you. There is no loving them into not wanting you to die a horrid death. There will never be any holding hands and singing Kumbiya. The only way that would happen is if everyone still left alive lives by the Shari’a Laws and is Muslim. They will not accept our ways. We have to convert to Islam — or be killed.

      If it takes President Donald Trump to drive them off and get America back to being what it used to be, then so be it. Between the West coast states and New York City there is a vast collection of red states that voted for Trump and he is here to stay for the next 4 years —- or 8 years, if the Left continues to scream, protest and cry. Middle America is the Heartland and we are the Rednecks with all the guns. Want to start a Civil War? We will give you a Civil War. Behind every blade of grass…. We do not want Globalism and that Agenda 21 is going to get rammed up political butts. We will fight the Globalists. We do not want Islam to take over our Government. We don’t want it here.

      That was my soap box rant, and now I am done.

    • Soaking it down…

  • Okay, so changed my profile photo to my own, though did leave a dark one. I could leave one of my cock, but figure you guys will probably shut up with your bullshit with a face photo. As all the folks talkin shit have no face photo.

    Admittedly, you are more a fuck in my own head. I mean, like, I think of your measly, whiny arguments, after the…[Read more]

  • Lucifer Rising changed their profile picture 1 year, 8 months ago

  • So, just to be clear: I think that, apart from Stinky/Barbara & Immortal Pirate, you guys really suck. Also, Gina here really did not stand out to me, despite being on the exact opposite of the political spectrum

    • Okay, so changed my profile photo to my own, though did leave a dark one. I could leave one of my cock, but figure you guys will probably shut up with your bullshit with a face photo. As all the folks talkin shit have no face photo.

      Admittedly, you are more a fuck in my own head. I mean, like, I think of your measly, whiny arguments, after the fact, and snort them up to give myself power.


      First of all guys, before throwing out pukings at someone on the internet, let you consider that maybe we can tell from your pukings just how totally fucking sucky your life is??

      So, one by one…

      Luftballooneyegouge — you recalled some specific conversations of mine with someone else, which creeped me out. But did not surpise me. Of course you did. At best, I saw you whined about some far left causes. Vaguely. With me you were pure semantics, missing the whole forest for the trees. Typical idiot. If you think you are going to cause me to call out my hard dick and jack it off with my mighty right hand, forget it. Cry to your eternal shame. NIV versus KJV is like argung between toothpicks. You do not know what a lexicon is. And make “misogynist” arguments to appeal to your paid for audience. Which does not make my hard and giant cock rise in the slightest, to your crying shame.

      “Mamajoy” — you liked his posts, surprise to me, but honestly, I never knew you, nor recall you but for your icon.

      Happiness in utter medicority? Go for it. Wish you would pick another icon then batman.

      “Griz” — superficial funny mentalist who loves to talk about “Jesus” as long as it is the opposite of what Jesus actually said or taugt. Imbecile and powerless jerk off.

      “Jeer” — as his name implies. Never had a job, never will. Cause he is a total asshole.

    • Thank you that I don’t suck. However, I don’t do a lot of things. One of those things is to have conversations about the Bible. I learned never to argue Bible with Christians. As a kid, church was something to be endured. As a teen, I was commanded to convert to Judaism and to labor over scripture until I hated it. I avoid it. As a young adult, spent 3 years in Germany without any good reading material, so I read the Bible beginning to end 3 times. Each time I read it, different stories stuck in my head, but for the most part it was rattle-rattle-rattle, measuring time until Arthur Godfrey came on Radio Luxumberg. Then the Bickersons and it was time to tidy the house and fix dinner. I truly am as shallow as that.

      I read the Baha’i writings the same way. Some stories stick and some I just breeze through. I know what stuck with me, and what did not take root for me, I listen to other Baha’is telling about the writings and I sit as a student — learning it again. I tend to allow that others take the spotlight. I love the Baha’i Faith, but I don’t like to teach the faith to others. I do not like to tell others what to think. I don’t care what they think. They think what they think and that is good enough for me. I listen and take what they say at face value. I am not one to have arguments about anything. Life is too short for such stress.

      I take all of you at face value. You are as you say you are. I take it all in and love you for the unique persons that you are. Who am I to say you are wrong? You might not be wrong. You are right for you. We may differ, but I will not argue the differences. To argue with you is to say that I want you to think as I do. —— Well, I don’t. If we all thought alike, that would be boring. We are a diverse bunch and the beauty is in the diversity.

      And with that, I come to @Lucifer Rising. Sure, long winded, but a really good read. Yep, we have to take your writings a slice at a time. As with everyone else, I take you at face value and it is sometimes like trying to grasp smoke, or trying to pick up a drop of mercury. Just when I think I know and I am following —- you change shape. Your writings are like a dance down the page. I try to dance along. Most times, I agree with you and what is the point of posting that I agree with you. That is boring.

      The post about the Bible not being what we think it is, I confess to thinking, “Bible?” and just scrolling by it. But now, you are upset. So, I spend an hour going back into the past posts to find out what pissed you off. I care to know what pissed you off. Enquiring minds have to know. I read every post, back in time and back in time, to the post about the Bible. Yeah, the one I skipped over. Now I go back and really read it. A slice at a time and a block at a time. The concept of advanced and learned minds relating stories and messages to the simple minded folk to translate into Bible stories. Yeah, I get that. I am not atheist, but I have a problem with the concept of “God”. I read what you have to think and take it at face value as a concept that you believe. I accept you as you are —- knowing that when I say that, you will dance off like smoke and change shape. It is all good. You are uniquely you.

      We are all like the multi-colored pixels of a picture. Look to closely , picking the pixels apart, and the differences will confuse the mind. However, pull back and look at the pixels as a whole and a beautiful picture appears. That is us and we don’t suck. None of us suck. We are each unique —– like (I say while facepalming myself) snowflakes.

  • @luftballooneyegouge

    “Oh and I bring up the KJV and the chronological order to point out that modern churchers had to CHaNGe the Bible to fit their narrative. My faith doesn’t need a book. IT doesn’t matter if the Bible is written by men, because God does not depend on men,….or women.
    ….and the whole misogyny knee-jerk reaction was so trite,…[Read more]

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