• I’d have to agree that there is someone for everyone but I think finding that connection relies on one’s ability to accept another person in their lives wholly.

  • I think that love is conditional. I’m not sure that unconditional love can exist in a world with ethics and values. If someone you love does something that go against beliefs that you are firm upon and you cannot accept, I’m fairly certain that we are more than capable of revoking our professed feelings of “love”.

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  • If you knew that you had multiple lives to be lived – in the context of instant revival at death in which you retain your memory of the said death, how would you live them?

    I had an odd thought while I was

    • “If you knew that you had multiple lives to be lived – in the context of instant revival at death in which you retain your memory of the said death, how would you live them?”

      That… is a very odd question, hard to answer. In terms of life regrets, I have none. Lived a great life so far. A great amount of adversity, but adversity is required so one can be a hero who overcomes it.

      That is my morality, to be a hero.

      The second life, I am not sure how I would live it. This life I have pretty well lived as Jim Morrison said he would live a second life… as a gardner doing his own head trip thing…

      I definitely did not want to go into fame or rock, because of what happened to him. He had a mouth, and so do I.

      Really would like to just find a partner in crime who could operate on the same level I am. To whom I am not some incomprehensible enigma, but got me.

      Probably would like to go down in mexico, get two guns, and just start hunting cartel members for fun and money.

      • @five2one
        you dying 9 times hard

        That’s soothing….

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          Any further posts from this ID aren’t me.

          The End

        • @luftballooneyegouge You are a fucking psycho.

          Fucking rabid foaming at the mouth slanderer.

          What is wrong with you Mr CSI — if I hacked the site, why the hell would I give up my real identity information. Something you are too amateur and cowardly to do.

          Amateurs give out no information, because they think ANY of it could be used against them. Professionals know that they should give out key information, because they know what can be used by an attacker, and what would only hurt the attacker.

          In your case:
          A. Your dick is probably laughably small – if you are not a girl pretending to be a guy which is super high probability.
          B. You are an Inquistor sort. A sort who crucifies innocent people. One who burns innocent people at the stake. No shame, either, do you?

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  • Hi gang. Sorry for the wonkiness, it’s been fixed…I think.

    The last time I checked in was many, many moons ago. What’s changed for you? What has stayed the same? What are the changes to come?

    I’ve had many

    • Things are… strange with me.
      In the intervening months since we last spoke, I’ve been home to Joliet, and back to Chicago. During my move to Chicago, I sprained my ankle. Then a few days later I badly strained it, setting back my previous progress.
      I now have a support system to help me deal with life better.
      I have plans of taking free online courses to make myself more competitive in the job market… but first I need to heal up (sighs). AND my room needs to be warmer; when I’m here I’m buried under blankets.
      My new roommate, while strange in his own way, seems to care about my well-being… unlike my “friend” who I try to help with his business.
      Speaking of him, he finally got the financing to purchase the restaurant he’s been looking to purchase for the last year or so, but needs a few bucks to “seal the deal” as it were. I wish him all the luck in the world, but the more time I’m with him, I know he needs to realize that things may not always work out the way he wants them to… or at least in the timeframe he wants.

  • Hey everyone. So I’m doing this new thing where I post questions when they come to me…so I don’t forget them!

    So I’m curious…why do you care? What makes you support the causes you stand for or the morals

    • I care because I care. I have love. I have love for those close in my social circle, but also have a lot of investment with people in the world. So, I love them.

      I have a responsibility and have learned to love people who are otherwise strangers.