• Mistral replied to the topic Refugees anyone? in the forum Conversations 3 years, 7 months ago

    I’m sick and tired of seeing my fellow Americans shaking in their boots and hiding behind ignorance.  This is America god damn it!  Yes, we should CONTINUE to accept refugees (that are cleared for entry) into our country, and yes we should also help out our own homeless people and veterans (but no, we should not be using vets and the homeless as puppets to justify bigotry, fear, and hatred).

    Are we, as Americans, as chest beating, best country in he world claiming, country music singing, big truck driving, action film watching, gun owning, bad asses really, really going to cower and fumble and stutter meekly… “No scary refugees, you poor down trodden, huddled masses… You might hurts us”.  Are we that fucking weak?  Fuck no!  This is America god damn it, let’s help those people and if a big bad bogey man terrorist asshole exploits the plight of these people and our hospitality then we’ll put a boot in their ass! Grab your balls ‘Merica and quit being so damned afraid.

    Sorry, just been arguing this all day already.

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